This is The Police Money, Mayor and Other Problems

This is The Police Money, Mayor and Other Problems

This is The Police Money, Mayor and Other Problems

This is The Police is a strategy and police management game with features of adventure and crime. Aside from responding to calls, emergencies and assigning different duties to your subordinates, there are some other important stats, departments and persons you should know about.

In This is The Police Money, Mayor and Other Problems guide we will address different issues and obstacles that you may face during your play-through of This is the Police. Some of these problems are money, mayor, labor union, etc that can be a hurdle in your progress for the main goal in the game.

This is The Police Money, Mayor and Other Problems:


In the game you’ll get money as a payment each weak. You can ask for the raise if you are on the good terms with the city. Another way to get money is to take different tasks from the mob or just not to react to their criminal actions. Favors done for the citizens will also be rewarded with money.

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If your subordinate officer dies, you can get his salary by forging his sign. The officer’s body will remain in morgue and mayor will not know about it. However, by doing this you will be blocking a job position. Sometimes after  the missions policemen will obtain drugs, weapons, or other items taken from criminals. You can deliver these items to the station or you can ask the mob to help you sell these weapon/drugs.


The Mayor, together with the administration of city hall, will give you different tasks independent of your situation during the day. Sometimes they’ll give you particular instructions, for example they want results in the case of a gang or they want you to fire all the black-skinned officers or they will order you to use force against the peaceful rioters.

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Each successful task will award you points of the mayor’s acceptance which you cannot see anywhere in the game but thanks to these points, whenever you ask for any favor from the mayor, there’ll be a greater chance that mayor will agree. If mayor is not happy with you, then not only they will ignore your needs, but can also cut the budget. In this case you’ll have to fire your subordinates and also permanently reduce number of hired men: this will lead to a reduced operation effectiveness.

Labor Union:

Whenever you fire someone against the rules and regulation, for instance, the officer did not made any mistake or he/her was not old, then there will be a procedure initiated against you.


If you ever exceed your authority, for instance, by ordering your subordinates to use force against the peaceful rioters, then a prosecutor will have a check on you. The procedure will initiate against you in order for you to explain that particular situation. If you fabricated the evidence, you can use this evidence to have an alibi.

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The date will be set for an interrogation. During the interrogation you must answer all the questions wisely. The best way to deal with this interrogation is to be neutral; do not show any form of aggression and only give half-truths as your answers. At the end of this interrogation, you can admit that you are guilty and show the evidence or blame it on the mayor’s administration.