Pokemon Go Egg Hatch Guide

Pokemon Go Egg Hatch Guide

Pokemon Go Egg Hatch Guide

Finding and hatching eggs in really an awesome feature in the Pokemon Go app. You will be hatching eggs in Pokemon Go to add powerful and rare Pokemon to the Pokedex. Some of the powerful and rare Pokemon in Pokomen Go can only come from rare eggs. Read our Pokemon Go Where To Find Eggs guide to find various eggs in Pokemon Go.

In this Pokemon Go Egg Hatch Guide we will provide you all the information about which Pokemon you can hatch from different types of Eggs. We will also provide info about why your Pokemon Eggs are not hatching fast enough.

Pokemon Go Egg Hatch Guide:

Once you have the Pokemon eggs, you need to place these eggs inside the incubator to hatch. Each and every player in Pokemon Go starts with 1 incubator which allows you to hatch eggs after you travel a specific distance. You can buy more incubators from the shop or they can be awarded to you after particular levels. Remember One thing that incubator versions bought from the shop can only be used 3 times. But the original incubator that a player has from the start can be used unlimited times.

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When you place an egg in the incubator, then you have to travel some distance based on the type of egg. You may have to travel 2/5/10 Kilometer to hatch an egg. Remember one thing that Pokemon Go app got some limits on speed you are traveling so if you are driving a car it may be possible that a distance covered by you on a car will not be counted to hatch an egg. The best possible way is to walk or use a skateboard to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go.

Hatching eggs in Pokemon Go will also reward you XP and Pokemon Candy for that particular Pokemon. Below is the list of Pokemon that can be hatched from different types of eggs.

Pokemon Go Egg Hatch Guide – 2K Eggs:

Pokemon Pokemon
Bulbasaur Geodude
Charmander Pidgey
Squirtle Weedle
Caterpie Rattata
Magikarp Spearow
Zubat Pikachu
Clefairy Jigglypuff

Pokemon Go Egg Hatch Guide – 5K Eggs:

Pokemon Pokemon
Ekans Sandshrew
Nidoran (female) Nidoran (male)
Vulpix Oddish
Growlithe Poliwag
Bellsprout Tentacool
Magnemite Farfetch’d
Grimer Shellder
Krabby Voltorb
Lickitung Koffing
Kangaskhan Horsea
Tauros Paras
Venonat Diglett
Psyduck Mankey
Abra Meowth
Ponyta Slowpoke
Doduo Machop
Drowzee Exeggcute
Seel Gastly
Cubone Rhyhorn
Tangela Staryu
Goldeen Porygon

 Pokemon Go Egg Hatch Guide – 10K Eggs:

Pokemon Pokemon
Onix Hitmonchan
Hitmonlee Mr. Mime
Chansey Omanyte
Scyther Kabuto
Dratini Jynx
Lapras Pinsir
Electabuzz Aerodactyl
Evee Snorlax