This is The Police Managing Subordinates Guide

This is The Police Managing Subordinates Guide

This is The Police Managing Subordinates Guide

This is The Police is a police management game where you will play as Police Chief and responds to different calls, emergencies and investigations. Your role and actions as Police Chief will determine your fate as well as the fate of citizens of Freeburg city. The game has a pretty dark and corrupt story line where you are trying to settle down after the retirement but for that to happen, first you have to make some important decisions regarding crimes, mafia, and corruption in the city.

To complete all your tasks and actions you will be needing help from your subordinates: police officers and detectives. You have to delegate different tasks and respond to different calls and assign roles to your subordinates for a particular task such as murder case, mafia related activities, etc.

For all this to happen first you need to know how you can manage your subordinates, if you know this then that’s great but if you do not know how you can manage your subordinates then don’t worry we have you covered here. In This is The Police Managing Subordinates Guide, we will provide you tips and tricks on how you can manage your subordinates in adventure strategy game This is the Police.

This is The Police Managing Subordinates Guide:


It is a general indication of skills of your subordinates. Shooting, combat, melee, driving, negotiations, conversation skills: all these skill are represented by this statistic. You can increase Professionalism stat by successfully completing the call. You will receive +10 for a call where the criminal is captured and policeman and civilians survived. Or you can get +5 points when your subordinates call for reinforcement. When you help by assistance or send policemen alone or without a detective, your men will receive +20 professionalism points.

If the mission fails, then your men always lose 10 points. Send a less experienced subordinate to an easy task or in group with the better officers. The game advises you that officers that have 150 points are on a mediocre level and they can deal with most tasks. But in my opinion, your officers should have 200 points to be able to deal with the majority of tasks/challenges.

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When your officer has 200 points, you can send him as a lone wolf to an easy task without any worries. The professionalism stat does not matter in the case of missions given to you by by mayor, the mob or the ‘Green Calls’ (favors for the citizens).


You can promote your subordinates, it will also provide them a higher rank and +50 professionalism points. Policemen who accompany such person on a task/call will be more effective; especially if a policeman with the rank has a high level too. Ranks in the game also provide happiness to employees and these ranks can motivate them to stop the bad habits.


In miniature of each policeman there’s a 5 – grade column on right side. This shows how rested a policeman is. Sometimes, it’s better if he rests at a level 3 than to wait until it gets to level 1-2. A tired policeman makes more mistakes and it also puts him in danger when he works.

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It’s a trained team of counter-terrorists who can be sent to a dangerous situation. These situations include riots, gun robberies with hostages and other similar situations with greater number of suspects. If you send 1-2 policemen with the SWAT team to any crime scene, they usually deal better than a few policemen.

Paddy Wagon:

Paddy Wagon is a car that can transport various criminals. You’ll receive a task to obtain Paddy Wagon. This vehicle will help you in different cases where more than a few criminals/suspects participate; for instance a riot or a massive fight. If you do not use the Paddy Wagon, you will not be able to arrest all the suspects/criminals and then you’ll be informed that some of the suspects have escaped.


Mister Starr will deliver some pieces of valuable info to you sometimes and he’ll help you during the hard times. You can use Mister Starr to recruit a person who will then spy your men for you or to send someone to the training. You can send up to three men to the grill party or you can learn who will testify against you. The final choice is to buy silence of the person who want to testify against you; this will not be a cheap deal. Deputy also allows you to check the short statistics.