This is the Police Places on the Map Guide

This is the Police Places on the Map Guide

This is the Police Places on the Map Guide

This is the Police is a mixture of adventure, management and strategy game. The important gameplay element of the game takes place on the map of Freeburg city. At this map you will see different calls appear and then you have to respond to these calls be sending your subordinates. These calls may range from easy tasks to tough tasks involving gang, mafia or serial killer.

But before you jump into the game you should understand about the different places on the map. The main places involving major tasks of the game are Police Station, City Hall, etc. In This is the Police Places on the Map Guide we will explain all about important places on the map of This is the Police.

This is the Police Places on the Map Guide:

Police Station:

In your base (police station) you can check various offers and hire new officers. You can also fire different subordinates/employees and decide who should change the shifts.

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City Hall:

Every 7 days you can give 1-4 proposals related to the station. Here you can ask for an additional detective position, policeman, ask for raise or you can ask to improve the equipment of your SWAT team. Remember one thing that they will agree to your proposals if you have successfully did your jobs and completed their favors. You should select the most important need, it will be accepted if you did well at your part.

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Sand’s Hideout:

In Sand’s Hideout you can ask for three things. You can arrange the call that will be a real dead trap for your officers (up to 3 Policemen) or the detective (one). You can also use mafia thugs to talk to a reason of the community. A really good option if you have not created any false evidence or you had no chance for that.