10 Things Ruining Video Games

10 Things Ruining Video Games

10 Things Ruining Video Games

In 10 Things Ruining Video Games we will take a look at 10 important things that are really ruining video games. Well, on the face video game industry is booming by leaps and bounds; publishers earning skyrocket profits, graphics look stunning, new VR is set to make history in gaming and gaming industry is experiencing unprecedented success with the launch of every new game, console or gadget/product. But under the surface you will find an underworld full of dark demons and bad practices, risking all the great things that are happening everywhere.

Whether it is absurd in-game mechanics; the fragmented way in which video games are sold to us or just cowardice approach on some publisher’s part, there are plenty of signs that gamers are being taken for fools.

Following are the things which are ruining video games and really need to stop!

10. Special Vision Modes

10 Things Ruining Video Games - Special Vision

Assassin’s Creed game series brought us various good things and all these can be found in three best games over the years. These three games are Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. But this game series also has Eagle Vision, a feature which is like an x-ray vision that conveniently sees through walls and differentiate between bad guys, good guys, other neutral guys and everything in between.

Used casually, this mechanic would have been fine, but now it’s like a fundamental part of AAA games and can be found in Hitman, Batman: Arkham Knight, Tomb Raider, The Last of us and even in Far Cry Primal with a name “Hunter Vision”. Only in batman games, using this feature feel justified, seeing superhero made of various gadgets make it feasible to use an x-ray vision like that. But in other games, it can easily be seen as cheat mechanic that that spoils immersion.

Eagle Vision or X-ray vision whatever you call it, is a sign of publishers having zero faith in gamer’s skill and ability to handle games. I think they fear that when a game gets difficult and tough for five minutes, we all will throw a tantrum and never play that game again. I think Publishers did not notice Dark Souls which is doing great without this feature.