This is The Police Beginners Tips

This is The Police Beginners Tips

This is The Police Beginners Tips

This is The Police is an adventure and strategy police management video game from Weappy Studio. In the game you will play as Police Chief Jack Boyd in a city called ‘Freeburg’. This is the Police is a story of corruption, intrigue and crime where your goal is to earn $500,000 before you reach your retirement. How you reach that goal is entirely up to you.

This Is the Police is a pretty dark story, whatever you decide will influence the game and ultimately the fate of Jack Boyd. But do not worry, we are here to help, in This is The Police Beginners Tips guide we will list the basic tips and tricks that you will need before starting the game.

This is The Police Beginners Tips:


Each day in the game before starting the work, Jack Boyd (you) is reading headlines. Most of these headlines will tell you about the moods of community and events in the Freeburg city. Sometimes you can learn something from them, for example the mayor is not happy with the performance of police. This kind of information should motivate you to further improve your situation.


You’ve access to 2 groups of subordinates; shift A & B. When one group is working, the other is resting. This mechanism allows you to led a quite smaller group but effectively. Not only the policemen, but the detectives are also part of this shift mechanics. Assignments and Transfers can be regulated only during the day and not at the beginning or at the end of a day.


Before the day starts in the game, you’ll learn if all the policemen came to work and you’ll listen to different favors asked by the policemen. Sometimes these favors are small, for instance one of you men wants to finish a book and the other is feeling bad. And sometimes they’ll provide some serious reasons such as things to do in the court trial.

The small favors can be ignored but if a reason is serious, you should give the free day for instance, when a policeman came drunk to the work. Sometimes you can allow a free day but order him/her to come to the next shift immediately. If you are not desperate, then it’s better not to use this option because a rested man works better and a tired one will always ask you for a free day.


From time to time you have to answer a call on your map. These calls are different tasks; a crime, beginning of an investigation, a task to help the citizen, securing the mafia activities, other similar tasks. You can send from one to a few officers to each task. The number of slots in a call will tell you that whether a task is an easy or a difficult one.

If slots in a call for assigning officers have red border, it means you must fill all the slots. The outcome of an action is always limited to whether policeman survived or died, civilians survived or were killed and criminal escaped or was caught.

This is The Police Beginners Tips - Calls

When the call starts, a time counter will appear to inform you that how much time you have left to send the patrol. You can send your men in the last second because how fast you respond to a call does not impact an outcome of the action. These are the types of calls that you may face in the game:

Yellow, Orange and Red: These calls can be about crimes. The color changes as the time of the countdown becomes shorter.

Green: Favors for the citizens, often rich ones of the city Freeburg. These calls require you to send some policemen to a specific place. Different things can happen in this type of calls; for example, they can come back to world as drunk/rested or they can resign because you’ve treated them as errand boys. Usually you’re awarded with money for these calls/favors.

Blue/light Orange: These are the tasks for Sand and Vargas during the mob war. At that time you’ll receive various tasks of this color, so do not worry if you miss one accidentally. Usually these calls require 1-2 officers.

Black: A black call means a protest is at that location. In order to react to this call you must send four policemen, a SWAT team and a prison van if you have this van already. If you start this task, your patrol will always handle this call. But the main question is how you’ll act. You always have a choice between using the force or not. It all depends on whether you follow the mayor’s advice or not. You’ll receive a choice to fabricate the evidence in order to have  an alibi.

Dark red: A dark red call means a chain of different events related to the serial killer. you can call it a very hard investigation. The opponent is not easy and you’ll have to combine different pieces of the puzzle. If you want to keep this case a secret and solve this type of cases in your own way. Then remember one thing that some of men will rat you out. And If you inform the FBI agents, the serial killer will get angry and he’ll start acting.

Assigning officers:

This is the Police provide you hints about difficulty of a task by checking number of slots for that particular task. If there are only 1-2 slots, then it will be an easy task. However, sometimes a case will prove to be tough: the may ask for patrol backup. You can always determine who and how many men to send by reading the description of that specific call.

You can send young kids to moderate cops to a case where someone stole shoes from the shop. But to the gun robbery with 4 – 6 slots you should always send maximum number of your men: you should send your best men for harder tasks. You can also send 1 or 2 weaker policemen to harder tasks so that they can easily gain additional points. Remember one thing that you should always leave someone as your reserve. If a call appears in which you only a few seconds to make your move and your subordinates did not manage to return in time, then you can risk a very bad outcome.