Pokemon Go How to Get Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go How to Get Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go How to Get Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go features 150+ species of Pokemon from the blue, green, yellow and red versions of the original Game Boy with an exception of Missingno / M. While these Pokemon are not officially labeled  as such, some Pokemon are considered rare than other Pokemon.

Players generally organize all Pokemon into a list and divided them into common, rare, epic and Legendary Pokemon. Not a single player in Pokemon Go would mistake Pidgey for rare Pokemon, but Gyarados, for example, is classified as uncommon and Ditto is a rare Pokemon. In Pokemon Go How to Get Rare Pokemon guide you will learn some tips on how to get rare and epic Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go How to Get Rare Pokemon:

Before we unveil any tip on how to get epic and are Pokemon, remember one thing first that there is no actual list of rare Pokemon in the game. You may find various rare Pokemon lists online, but all these lists are made by players. These lists are based on players experience and collection. And these lists are not official, because there isn’t any official rare Pokemon list.

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The first most effective and best way to increase your chance of capturing rare Pokemon is to level up your trainer. Pokemon that popup on your map has a direct correlation to your trainer level. So if you have a higher experience level, the more epic/rare Pokemon you will find and capture. While this method can be tedious to do, this is the most effective way to get rare Pokemon to appear on your map.

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However, the best way to capture rare/epic Pokemon at the lower levels is by hatching a 10K Egg. In fact, you should hatch every egg that you can get to make room for the 10K Eggs. Read our Egg Hatch Guide to know more about hatching eggs. You may be running marathons but you will also have a ton of rare/Epic and Powerful Pokemon. 5K eggs also tend to have some rare Pokemon as well, but 10K Eggs are more plausible option.

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Go to any crowded area packed with various PokeStops. The more crowded an area is the more PokeStops it has. If an area has plenty of PokeStops, the higher are your chances to find rare/epic Pokemon there. Go to a place where a player has dropped the lure, as these places tend to swarm with a great amount of Pokemon, and chances of epic/rare Pokemon appearing there will increase exponentially.

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The above to methods plus evolution, should be enough to take care of every epic/rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Ditto Pokemon is absent from Pokemon Go for some reason but it is in a source file of the game. According to some hackers we can expect Ditto to be added with an upcoming update.

If you know any other way to get rare or epic Pokemon, please feel free to share in the comments below!