Pokemon Go Level Your Trainer

Pokemon Go Level Your Trainer

Pokemon Go Level Your Trainer

Leveling Up your trainer and evolving your Pokemon is very important in Pokemon Go. Read How to Evolve Your Pokemon for more details about evolving your favorite Pokemon. Here in Pokemon Go Level Your Trainer guide you will only learn about how to level your trainer and what benefits you can get for leveling up.

Leveling Up your trainer can affect quite a few things in Pokemon Go. If you have a higher Trainer level, you can encounter rare and stronger Pokemon. You can also increase CP of your Pokemon higher with high trainer level. Based on this, it is best to increase Trainer level fast and efficiently ASAP! With higher trainer level you can compete with opponent team’s Gyms and catch rarer and new Pokemon! To increase your trainer level, you need to earn a lot of XPs.

Pokemon Go Level Your Trainer:

In Pokemon Go you can earn XP for different activities to increase your trainer level:

Activities XP Reward
Catching Pokemon 100 XP
Evolving Pokemon 500 XP
Hatching Pokemon 200 XP
Visiting PokeStop 50 XP
Training at Friendly Gym Varies
Battling at Rival Gym Varies

There are other things that can earn you some extra XP when catching Pokemon:

Activities XP Reward
Catching New Pokemon 500 XP
Poke Ball – Excellent Throw 100 XP
Poke Ball – Great Throw 50 XP
Poke Ball – Nice Throw 10 XP
Poke Ball – Curve Ball 10 XP

So, for instance, if you catch new Pokemon with the perfectly thrown Poke Ball, you will get 700 XP!

Activity XP Earned
Pokemon Caught 100 XP
New Pokemon 500 XP
Excellent Through 100 XP
Total 700 XP

The bonus New Pokemon 500 XP can also apply to hatching Eggs, so if you hatch new Pokemon, you will get 1,000 XP.

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Gym Battle XP:

Challenging rival Gyms and training at a friendly Gym can earn you XP. If the difference between your Pokemon’s CP and your opponent’s Pokemon’s CP is minor and more Pokemon you defeat, you’ll earn more XP. If you want to increase your XP rewards that you’ll get from battling then use Pokemon whose CP score matches with his opponent, or is less than the opponent’s Pokemon.

Use Items to Maximize Your XP Earnings:

When you want to level your trainer the first item that comes to mind is a ‘Lucky Egg’. When ‘Lucky Egg’ is activated, it will double all XP rewards for 30 minutes. Combine ‘Lucky Egg’ with Lure Module or Incense and you will be earning a great amount of XP by just catching a Pokemon.

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Plan to evolve/level up lots of Pokemon and explore different new places that are saturated with PokeStops before activating the Lucky Egg to make sure you will make the most out of it!

To really enjoy the benefits, you could capture various common Pokemon, like Rattata or Pidgey, that require few Candy to evolve. Horde them and plan accordingly! Evolve multiple Pokemon at the same time with the Lucky Egg activated. Happy leveling up your Trainer!