Pokemon Go Evolve and Level Up Pokemon

Pokemon Go Evolve and Level Up Pokemon

Pokemon Go Evolve and Level Up Pokemon

Pokemon Go is an adventure video game for iOS and Android devices from the Niantic, Inc. In this game you will explore your surroundings to find and capture new and unique Pokemon. Visit our Pokemon Go Find And Catch Pokemon guide on how you can find & capture Pokemon.

In Pokemon Go Evolve and Level Up Pokemon guide, you will learn about how you can evolve and level up your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. In this guide we will help you increase Pokemon’s stats so that you can easily defend Gyms.

Pokemon Go Evolve and Level Up Pokemon:

When you start the game in Pokemon Go, you will get a starter Pokemon from 3 traditional options: Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. These Pokemon are very difficult to train and evolve. These ones require you to catch Pokemon of a same type to evolve or level up. For instance, when you choose Charmander as a starter then you need Charmander tokens to increase Charmander’s level and evolve it to higher forms.

Other Pokemon in Pokemon Go, particularly the ones you find and catch in the starting area, are easy to level up. Every time you capture a certain Pokemon, you will earn Stardust. Stardust is particularity a valuable material that you require to evolve and power up your Pokemon. The other important item is Candy. Every Pokemon in the game has its own unique Candy. For instance, Gastly has Gastly Candy and Charmander has Charmander Candy.

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If you have adequate Candies and Stardust you can level up/power up your Pokemon in main menu. Just select power up in this menu. Evolving your Pokemon is same as Power up, for this you just need to select evolve option.

It is likely that you’ll need Candies to level up your favorite Pokemon, so the best way is to farm a type of Pokemon that you want to level up most. If you are looking to evolve ‘Gastly’, catch Gastly Pokemon as much as possible. This farming of Pokemon will increase the Stardust but you can also select option called ‘Transfer’. Transfer option will let you transfer a Pokemon to Professor. Remember one thing that when you transfer a Pokemon, you’ll lose it forever. However the Professor will provide you Candy in return.

Quick Round up for how to evolve and level up your Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

  • Find a Pokemon you want to Level up/Train/Evolve.
  • Farm these Polemon by catching as many as you can for the Stardust.
  • When you catch these Pokemon, select a transfer option, you can perform the transfer from the menu. This option will transfer Pokemon for Candies.
  • Use these Candies and Stardust to make your Pokemon more powerful and to level them up.