Pokemon Go Find And Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go Find And Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go Find And Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go is the long awaited Pokemon adventure game from ‘The Pokémon Company’ publisher and Niantic, Inc. developed this awesome Pokemon Go. In Pokemon Go you will be provided a Starter Pokemon when you start your game. And outside of this starter, you will need to explore the world to catch different pokemons using your Poke balls.

In Pokemon Go Find And Catch Pokemon guide we will show you how and where you can find different Pokemon and how you can catch them in Pokemon Go. As we mentioned above that you need Poke balls to capture different Pokemon, visit Pokemon Go Where To Find Eggs, to find out that how you can get lot of poke balls and eggs in the game.

Pokemon Go Find And Catch Pokemon:

To find different Pokemon you have to walk around and explore the nearby world. Some of you might get lucky and can find Pokemon in your yards and houses. If you can find rustling grass (leaves coming off a ground), there is a pretty good chance that a Pokemon is around. These Pokemon might not be there and you may have to reset your Pokemon Go app a few times and then they should pop up in your area eventually.

Whenever you find Pokemon on your radar, click it and the capture process will start. The capture process is same as you captured the starter. You just need to toss Poke Balls at Pokemon and you will capture it eventually. The rings will indicate how hard the Pokemon is and how many Poke Balls you need to catch it.

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Red is hard, Orange is intermediate and Green is easy. Specific items and some high level Poke Balls such as Great Balls, Master Balls and Ultra Balls will make capture process easy. You can spin a Poke Ball before you throw it to get the Curve ball Bonus. This will give you bonus XP and it will also help you capturing a Pokemon.

You may notice a symbol in bottom right corner of your map while you are exploring the world. These all are Pokemon near you that you can find and capture. If you click on a pic of a specific Pokemon, it’ll have footprints. Three footprints means it is far away and one indicate that it is close by.

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Clicking a Pokemon will also bring it up specifically for you to track the footprints. These footprints will change and they are based on time of the day. If you go further from your house or from the starting point, the more Pokemon you will find.

Certain Pokemon like different environments such as Water Pokemon like lakes and grass/bug Pokemon prefer fields/woods. So make sure you explore the right environment to find and catch a Pokemon you like.