Pokemon Go How to Get Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go How to Get Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go How to Get Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go is really one of the most hyped game that will be a part of history. After the launch of Pokemon Go every time I visit the local downtown area, I see groups of people trying to search for rare and powerful Pokemon. You can capture good Pokemon but rare and legendary Pokemon are totally another thing.

Currently, the Pokemon Go game contains all the original Pokemon which means Mewtwo, Mew, Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno are legendary Pokemon. In Pokemon Go How to Get Legendary Pokemon you will learn how to get Legendary Pokemon in the Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Go How to Get Legendary Pokemon:

First of all, let’s clear all the rumors that are circling on the internet. A large number of people reported seeing a legendary Pokemon, Moltres. One person has also reported that he saw Articuno’s silhouette with 3 footprints. There are no reports about seeing Zapdos or Mew twins in Pokemon Go.

The biggest rumor about Mew twins centers around an idea that you can find Mewtwo in Times Square. This rumor originates from a trailer of Pokemon Go where players gather in Times Square and Mewtwo spawns on their smartphones. They all teamed up to battle this legendary Pokemon and then they all captured him.

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But that was only for the trailer. According to developer Niantic, none of the Legendary Pokemon are available in the game, at least not yet. It’s because Niantic plans to spawn the legendary Pokemon manually. The legendary Pokemon, unlike common and rare Pokemon, do not spawn unless they’re manually spawned in the game.

So our best shot to capture legendary Pokemon is to wait for any special event that Niantic or Nintendo host in future. And if Niantic’s previous video game Ingress is of any help, there will definitely be some special events. These events may be held monthly or whenever a new console Pokemon video game released or an anniversary of some kind is celebrated.

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In Ingress online video game, Niantic has organized some events where players battle to take control of the city. And for Pokemon we may experience a city-wide event that may lead to earning legendary Pokemon. We just need to be patient, and prepare ourselves for any Special Event to get our hands on Legendary Pokemon.