Pokemon Go How to Get Free PokeCoins

Pokemon Go How to Get Free Pokecoins

Pokemon Go How to Get Free PokeCoins

Pokemon Go has already taken over the social media and the world by storm. Pokemon Go is free to play game on Android / iPhone smartphones and devices. But it has micro transactions incorporated in it based on PokeCoins. There are plenty of items in the Pokemon Go game that you can buy with PokeCoins such as Lucky Eggs, Poke Balls, Lure Modules, Egg Incubator, Incense etc. Whenever you run out of these items you can use PokeCoins to fill your stock without visiting the PokeStops.

PokeCoins are gold coins that can be purchased in the Pokemon Go app, but there are other ways to get free PokeCoins as well. In Pokemon Go How to Get Free PokeCoins guide we will tell you how you can get free PokeCoins to purchase different useful items in Pokemon Go.

Right from the start of Pokemon Go game, you have 100 PokeCoins, but you have to spend these on Poke balls to capture Pokemon. After that game does not tell you anything about these PokeCoins and how you can get more PokeCoins, nor does Pokemon Go tell you about earning them in the game. The app only tells you that you can purchase more PokeCoins from the store.

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One method to get free PokeCoins is from visiting the PokeStops. It is rare to find PokeCoins at the PokeStops, and hunting around PokeCoins will provide you so many other items that it’ll make PokeCoins almost worthless, however, you can definitely find some PokeCoins from the PokeStops.

The other more common & certain way to get free PokeCoins is to have Pokemon stationed at your team’s gyms for defending purpose. In Pokemon Go you can defend upto 10 gyms at the same time. Each Gym you defend will net you 10 PokeCoins every 20 hours. You only have to go to a Pokeshop to claim your PokeCoins.

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You do not even need to claim a gym from other teams, as long as you have high CP Pokemon at a gym, the PokeCoins will roll in automatically. The best thing you can do here is to leave a very powerful and strong Pokemon to defend a gym, or you can take over the gym in a remote area where people do not go that often.

Nintendo and Niantic are expected to host plenty of events in near future, and PokeCoin giveaways will be included as part of that special event. Log on whenever there is a great giveaway happening and then play for the prize.

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Or you can just visit ton of PokeStops to refill your items. You can get plenty of items from PokeStops that it’ll definitely take away the need for PokeCoins. Remember one thing that there are some things that you can not get from PokeStops and you have to buy them with PokeCoins are storage and bag upgrades.