Song of the Deep Walkthrough

Song of the Deep Walkthrough

Song of the Deep Walkthrough

Song of the Deep is an adventure underwater game from the developer Insomniac Games. We all know Insomniac Games for Ratchet & Clank 2016 adaption game. Song of the Deep is an action-adventure metroidvania-style game that follows a quest of a young girl to find her father.

Song of the Deep features under water discover, suspense, skills and an epic story. In Song of the Deep Walkthrough we will present you a complete game with gameplay and strategy tips. This Song of the Deep Walkthrough also has strategy and gameplay tips. The game is released on 12th July, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Song of the Deep Gameplay:

The game delivers a unique gameplay in a story of heartbreak, love, and triumph. Explore an awesome and interactive non-linear underwater world that is filled with 200+ treasures to collect. You have 30 upgrades for your submarine and 15 – plus abilities to access new areas. Song of the Deep combine these abilities in a surprising ways. For instance, catching torpedo with the claw arm mechanism. In Song of the Deep you have to outmaneuver, Outwit and battle various creatures from lantern jellies to big giant bosses such as The Watcher.

Song of the Deep Story:

The story of Song of the Deep is pretty amazing, Merryn, a young girl waits all night for her father to return home from a fishing voyage. But he never does. She saw a vivid dream that shows her father really trapped under the sea.

This young heroine builds a submarine from some spare parts to rescue her father. On her adventure, she will make new friends, discover ancient lost civilizations & ruins, and upgrade the submarine to explore deeper parts of the sea. The monsters and terrain of the sea are daunting, but her intelligence, courage and love for the father will help her on this tough journey.

Song of the Deep Walkthrough:

Song of the Deep is really one of the Top 10 Video Games of July, that’s why it got positive reviews from different reviewers and gamers around the world. The following Walkthrough videos of Song of the Deep are created by Tetra Ninja Family, and I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Song of the Deep Walkthrough – Part 1 – FIRST HOUR:

Song of the Deep Walkthrough – Part 2 – Giant Killer Spider:

Song of the Deep Walkthrough – Part 3 – Cara and the First Resonance Orb:

Song of the Deep Walkthrough – Part 4 – Undying Caves Orb:

Song of the Deep Walkthrough – Part 5 – Watcher’s Hollow Orb:

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