Pokemon Go How To Get Great Master and Ultra Balls

Pokemon Go How To Get Great Master and Ultra Balls

Pokemon Go How To Get Great Master and Ultra Balls

If you want to capture higher CP Pokemon without any major difficulty then you need Great, Master and Ultra Balls in Pokemon Go. At this moment you can not buy these Great, Master and Ultra Balls in store and you’ve to earn them in the game.

In Pokemon Go How To Get Great Master and Ultra Balls guide we will help you out on how you can get Pokemon Go How To Get Great, Master and Ultra Balls In Pokemon Go. There are awesome rare and legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go and your ordinary Poke Balls will definitely going to fall short in front of these powerful Pokemon. That is why you need Great, Master and Ultra Balls to capture rare and legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Go How To Get Great Master and Ultra Balls:

At the start of Pokemon Go, you will not have any Great Ultra or Master Balls. And these balls are also not in the store. The reason for this is that some items are locked until you reach a certain level by increasing your experience. And because of this level progression, you will hardly find any rare and legendary Pokemon early in the game. As you level your trainer, you’ll find more powerful Pokemon.

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If you want these amazing balls you need to level up. At level 12, you will unlock and earn 20 Great Balls. At level 20, you will unlock Ultra Balls and you need higher levels to unlock Master balls. I haven’t unlocked it yet but I’m guessing we need level 30 to unlock Master Balls.

Pokemon Go How To Get Great Master and Ultra Balls - Razz BerriesOnce you reach an appropriate level, you’ll be able to find upgraded balls at Pokéstops like every other item. You will also start earning these upgraded balls as level bonuses, similarly as you earn Poke balls as lower experience levels. You can also look for some special events by Niantic and Nintendo. These special events will provide you extra opportunities to earn big prizes/rewards, including Great, Ultra and Master Balls.

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In the future updates we may have Great, Ultra and Master Balls added to in-game store that you can buy with Pokécoins. The best way to capture tougher and powerful Pokemon is to use Razz Berries in conjunction with Great Balls. You can get Razz Berries at Pokéstops.

You can use ‘Lucky Eggs’ as they earn you 2X experience for 30 minutes. Use Lucky Egg to gain levels rapidly. This way you can unlock Upgraded Balls. And with Lucky Egg you can earn these balls more quickly as a level bonus.

Remember One thing that if you have not unlocked Ultra Balls and you face a rare Pokemon, use Razz Berries in conjunction with Great balls to easily capture powerful Pokemon. And if you face a legendary Pokemon, and you haven’t yet unlocked Master balls then use Ultra Balls in conjunction with Razz Berries to easily capture that Pokemon.

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After you unlock Great, Ultra and Master Balls then you’ll need to visit large number of Pokestops to be fairly stocked with these upgraded balls. It is Reported that if a landmark is famous, you can earn batter rewards from it.

When you have these upgraded balls, do not waste them and save them only for rare and legendary Pokemon. You should only use Great Balls to catch rare Pokemon that you can not capture with a nice/great shot, in conjunction with Razz Berries. And you should use Ultra Balls to capture an extremely rare Pokemon that has ton of power and that can not be captured with Razz Berries and Great Balls. Save your Master Balls only for the legendary Pokemon.