No Man’s Sky Cheats

No Man's Sky Cheats

No Man’s Sky Cheats

No Man’s Sky is finally here for the PlayStation 4. It will be released for Microsoft Windows on 12th August, 2016. No Man’s Sky is pretty awesome and the fans are getting really crazy by playing the game for the first time on their PS4. The game offers a vast procedurally generated universe to explore with 18 Quintillion Planets. And you probably looking for the No Man’s Sky Cheats to speed things up.

If the answer is yes for the above question and are really looking for No Man’s Sky cheats for PlayStation 4 or PC, then you are at the right place. In No Man’s Sky Cheats guide we will list all the No Man’s Sky cheats, codes and other unlockables with some tips for this amazing action-adventure sci-fi and survival game.

No Man’s Sky Cheats:

Unlockable DLC:

Without starting the No Man’s Sky on the PS4, players can check that if the DLC Items have been downloaded or not. Go to the No Man’s Sky’s icon in PS4’s Main Menu where you can see Overview. Here select ‘Recent Activities’ and then press X button on the ‘Related Items’. It’ll lead you to ‘My Add-Ons’ here you can see the list of every DLC item available to buy for No Man’s Sky, what you already own and what is free.

If it says ‘Free’ then press X to download it and If it is listed under the ‘My Add-Ons’ option then click on that, a new screen will appear with all DLC Add-Ons with an arrow for download next to each item. Press X on each one of these items to download and add them to your game. When the download finish start your game.

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Remember one thing that if you die in the game you will not lose the pre-order bonus starship. The starship is not lost, it just need some repairs in a space station. Another thing developers have said is that you can ‘call’ your pre-order bonuses on command.

No Man’s Sky Limited Edition In-game DLC Bonus:

Photonix Core: It’s a ship boost that will speed up the journey as you travel from one planet to another.

Trader Charisma: It’s a set of valuable resources bonus to gain advantage in the selling and trading.

Boltcaster SM: You will have an access to a very powerful weapon blueprint that is perfect for defending against Sentinels and hostile lifeforms.

No Man’s Sky Exclusive GameStop Pre-order Bonuses:

Early Access to Rezosu Z65: On the hostile planets, powerful offense and self-defense is really important. Rezosu Z65 multi-tool has a pre-installed plasma upgrade, which will help you to mine various resources faster and helps you to stay safe as you explore the unknown universe.

Starting Currency Bonus Boost: The unknown universe of No Man’s Sky is full of dangers but a 10,000 Units  in game currency boost will definitely give you a head start in the race to center of the universe. You can use this money to buy better weapons, faster ships and/or  purchase various exotic resources.

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Alpha Vector Ship Upgrade: The only transport you have for your journey to distant stars is your ship. Begin your adventure with the Alpha Vector attack ship. This ship is upgraded with lasers for protection and the hyperdrive which allows you to jump to the nearest stars right from the start.

Physical PS4 Version Pre-order Bonuses of Other Retailers:

Alpha Vector Ship Upgrade: Same as above.

Digital Version on Steam / GOG / Humble Store PC Exclusive Pre-order Bonus:

Horizon Omega Ship Upgrade: Begin your adventurous Journey in the game’s mysterious and vast universe with a Horizon Omega ship which is equipped with increased firepower and upgraded hyperdrive to help you survive longer on the interstellar journey and travel faster to the distant solar systems.

No Man’s Sky Cheats – Money Tricks:

There are two different tricks to earn huge money in the game which are as follows:

Method # 1 – Long Term Money Trick: A good play style to earn huge money in the game is trading various resource materials at the alien trading posts. If you are in a galaxy with the planet that has a very large amount of Atlas Stones, then you should keep revisiting the area where you found the Atlas Stones to pick up more of these stones. Then trade these Atlas Stones at the trading posts because they’re worth a lot of money as it is a very valuable item in No Man’s Sky.

Method # 2 – Short Term Money Trick: Another play style to earn huge amounts of money is to explore and discover new things in the game. If you discover a new ocean, animal, planet tree and/or star system, just scan it, and upload the data to the Atlas. You will get a lot of units, in game currency, by discovering new species and you will also get the credit as a discoverer of those species.

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