Mafia 3 Side Missions Guide

Mafia 3 Side Missions Guide

Mafia 3 Side Missions Guide

The world in Mafia 3 is alive and it will keep players busy for a long time. The game has plenty of activities to perform in order for you to build a crime organization and be a crime lord. You will also be performing these tasks in order to eliminate Italian Mob, the Marcanos Family.

One of these activities relate to side missions where you will be performing different actions for your underbosses in order to gain their support and favor. In Mafia 3 Side Missions Guide we will show you how to unlock all the side missions in this lively world of Mafia 3.

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Mafia 3 Side Missions Guide:

These side missions in Mafia 3 are optional but they play a vital role in the story. You will complete different tasks to help underbosses. And aside from that your every lieutenant in the game has his own side missions and all these activities will build and strengthen your relationships with them.

By completing various side missions, not only you will get their favor and support but you will also get great items too. These missions are not available when you first start the game. And you will have to progress a bit in the story to unlock these side missions.

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How to Unlock Side Missions in Mafia 3:

In order to unlock side missions, first you will have to recruit an underboss. Once an underboss is recruited you can see different objectives of your 1st side mission for that particular underboss. But at this point in time you will not be able to start these side missions.

To be able to play side missions, you will have to reach a point in story where you will sit down with your associates in a story mission called An Emotional Attachment. In this meeting you will assign districts to your underbosses. Following are the side missions that you’ll unlock and the districts you’ll assign to your underbosses;

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  • Vito will control the River Row and there you can play a side mission called ‘I Need a Favor’.
  • Cassandra will control the Delray Hollow and there you can play a side mission called ‘.45 In My Hand’.
  • Burke will control the Pointe Verdun and there you can play a side mission called IRA Don’t Ask which is basically carjacking side missions.

 When you complete these side missions you will earn the favor and support of your underbosses and you will also get money and different items. After that you will assign districts to your lieutenants and they will unlock more side missions for you to complete. One thing to note that these side missions are linked with the story so you will not be wasting time, instead you will be weakening the Marcano family.