Homefront The Revolution Easter Eggs

Homefront The Revolution Easter Eggs

Homefront The Revolution Easter Eggs

Homefront The Revolution is the latest installment in the Homefront game series, it’s an open world, action and first person shooter video game from the Deep Silver. Same as other recent games of these days, Homefront The Revolution also got Easter Eggs for its players. In Homefront The Revolution Easter Eggs, we will show you all the Easter Eggs that you can find in the game for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version.

Homefront The Revolution got mix reviews read ours on Homefront The Revolution Review. But that’s not stopping the players from exploring the Philadelphia  for collectibles, secrets and Easter Eggs. Below we will show you how you can play the TimeSplitters 2 Video Game Easter Egg in the Homefront The Revolution.

Homefront The Revolution Easter Eggs – TimeSplitters 2 Game:

In Homefront The Revolution you will find an Arcade machine that will allows you to play the first 2 levels of TimeSplitters 2 game which are Siberia and Chicago as an Easter Egg.

TimeSplitters 2 playable Game is hidden in the Restricted Zone called ‘The Bourse’ which is also a part of the story campaign in Homefront The Revolution. Once you reached the Restricted Zone, you will need to find the place called ‘The Bourse’. If you do not know where this place is, do not worry because a story mission will lead you there. Once you are there inside the building just ignore all the people fighting and go up stairs.

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On the top floor you will see an innocent looking Arcade machine. When you approach this arcade machine, you can see that it can be used by pressing the appropriate button. Just press the on screen button to start the machine and you can easily play the first 2 levels of TimeSplitters 2 Game.

If you still can’t find the arcade machine watch the below short video to find Homefront The Revolution Easter Eggs. The video is created by Eurogamer, and I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Unfortunately we could not find any other Easter Egg, secret and collectible for now but we are constantly looking for new ones. If you know any about Easter eggs, collectibles and secrets. Please feel free to tell us in the comments below and we will give you credit. Keep Visiting!