How to Get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky

How to Get Antimatter in No Man's Sky

How to Get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky

In No Man’s Sky, you just have your spaceship, exosuit and your wits to go through various upgrades that will help you in your journey to the center of galaxy. The most important thing in this adventurous journey is Antimatter, it is pretty necessary element for hyperdruve that allows you to make long distance travels between the star systems.

As we all know the game’s universe is procedurally generated so different components to help you out in completing your main goal; travel to the center of the galaxy, may spread across various planets. These planets may be hostile and your mission may be more tough than other players. And of-course, this process definitely involve a fight with aliens, sentinel robots and/or hostile animals. So it is best to prepare yourself with weapon upgrades, such as Boltcaster upgrade for the mining tool.

How to Get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky:

In How to Get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky guide we will teach you how to find and then craft the Antimatter in this adventure survival No Man’s Sky from Hello Games. You need Antimatter to get out of the star system. You need antimatter to craft the Warp Cells that fuels Hyperdrive. You cannot just mine antimatter and you cannot buy the warp cells. That means the only thing that is left for you is to forage one of your own.

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Where to Find Antimatter in No Man’s Sky:

There are two ways to find the Antimatter, the easiest method is to to to a space station where you found the Dynamic Resonator, and purchase the antimatter. Same as Resonator, Antimatter will definitely cost youhuge amount of Units. So come prepared to spend some good amount of money. If you do not know how to get Units fast, then you can search for rare resources such as precious metals to sell and/or you can just go about naming discoveries like crazy explorer to fill your pockets.

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The second way to find antimatter  is to explore nearby planets and find the recipe there on one these planets, same as the case where you discover the hyperdrive recipe. This method involves more scavenging and time, so it is basically up to you that which route you choose.

Crafting Antimatter in No Man’s Sky:

When you obtained the antimatter for the first time, travel to next star system and then you will receive a cryptic message about the manufacturing facility. Go check this facility but be prepared for a fight. This facility is locked and the door needs to be destroyed to visit the facility. When you attacking the door, it’ll awaken the Sentinels, they will attack you and also call for deadly backup.

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So, grenades are your best shot because they do a massive explosive damage. If you fail in using gernaded then use the Boltcaster while looking for cover to reload the weapon. Depending on your skills it may take from 5 to 7 passes with the full clip of Boltcutter. Make sure to practice reloading your weapon with the energy through menus. Do not worry about engaging Sentinels robots. They will call for backup and once you are through the locked door they will just back down, so your main goal is to get inside the facility as fast as possible.

Once you are inside the manufacturing facility, you will find Antimatter recipe on the control console. This recipe will allow you to craft the antimatter and ultimately allows you to build the warp cells.