NBA 2K17 Playing MyPark with Friends

NBA 2K17 Playing MyPark with Friends

NBA 2K17 Playing MyPark with Friends

Nowadays, mostly all of us want to play video games with out friends. No matter it’s a fps action, racing or a sports game. If you are currently playing NBA 2K17 you may want to play basketball with your friends.

In NBA 2K17 playing the MyPark with your friends is one of the many great things that you can do in the game. You can also play with total stranger online but is more fun and great experience to play with your friends. If you do not know how to find our friends or a lobby where your friends are playing then do not worry. In NBA 2K17 Playing MyPark with Friends we will show you how you can play MyPark with your friends in this new basketball game, NBA 2K17.

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NBA 2K17 Playing MyPark with Friends:

In NBA 2K17 if you want to play the game with your friends, first of all you need to create a squad. For this, you and your friends should be in a same park. At the beginning of the game you will have to be in the same park but after you have progressed in the game, you can travel between different parks.

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Follow the below instructions once you all are in the same park:

  • Press touchpad of PlayStation or back button on Xbox to bring up the online players’ list.
  • Press L2/R2 on PlayStation or LT/RT on Xbox to cycle through various lists.
  • One of these lists will include your friend’s name.
  • Select your friend to play with.
  • Press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to open the menu.
  • Choose Invite to squad option and then wait for your friends to accept the invitation.