UnderRail Walkthrough

UnderRail Walkthrough

UnderRail Walkthrough

UnderRail is an isometric turn based role playing indie game with lots of combat and exploration. UnderRail is a post-apocalyptic video game which is set in distant future. The Earth’s surface can no longer hold humanity and now all remaining humans are living in a gigantic metro system UnderRail. In this UnderRail Walkthrough, you will see a video series for the game from start to end which includes some very important aspects of the game such as creating a player at the start of the game with skill and perks.

In this game you will control a character, whose life will turn upside down in this vast metro station with all these conflicts that different factions have just to survive in really bad and harsh environment. The game is pretty much same as an open world where you explore your surroundings for different items, tools, weapons and other supplies. And kill your opponents with weapons such as guns, pistols, etc.

Create your character very carefully because how the game unfolds as you progress is very much dependent on your skills and attributes. The game has a vast variety of different skill and attributes for you to create any kind of character. For example if you create a character with stealth attributes it can easily blend in the environment giving you options to steal valuable supplies and items. This UnderRail Walkthrough consists of 44 videos and have full game from creating a character to finish the game. We thank Colonel RPG for creating this awesome UnderRail Walkthrough series and I hope you guys will definitely like this!

UnderRail Walkthrough – Part 1 (Character Creation)

UnderRail Walkthrough – Part 2

UnderRail Walkthrough – Part 3

UnderRail Walkthrough – Part 4

UnderRail Walkthrough – Part 5

Above are the first 5 parts in UnderRail Walkthrough series, for the remaining parts you can visit the UnderRail Walkthrough’s Playlist Page on YouTube: Let’s Play UnderRail!