Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

IF you are looking for Tips and Tricks for  Pokemon Go on Android and iPhone smartphones, here in this Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks guide we will list Pokemon Go tricks, tips and hints for the Nintendo’s new Augmented Reality/Real World adventure game.

In this guide you will learn some basic tips and tricks about the game, how to unlock different items and new Pokemon, Tips about leveling up your trainer and some tricks for evolving your favorite Pokemon.

 Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks:

1 – The following video will provide you some starter gameplay tips and tricks about Pokemon Go setup, character creation and introduction.

2 – If you sign up with a Pokemon Trainer Club, it will earn you some bonus awards from Pokemon Trainer Store and provide you Pokemon codes through promotional email in Trainer Club in near future.

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3 – In Pokemon Go you cannot level up your Pokemon through fighting, instead you need Stardust and Candy from finding and catching Pokemon then transferring these Pokemon to Professor Willow for candies. You this transfer option to level up your Pokemon because it costs Candy and Stardust to level up and then eventually evolve each Pokemon.

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4 – Player Vs Player battles are not available at the game launch but you can engage in different fights with other Pokemon in the Gym battles. At the launch of Pokemon Go only first 151 Pokemon are available to find and catch from Pokemon Red and Blue.

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5 – The first thing that you should do after launching your Pokemon Go game app for the very first time is to go to the Options and there turn on ‘Battery Saver Mode’, or you will drain your smartphone’s battery much quicker because Pokemon Go will keep running in the background.

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6 – You will have to go to the Shop in Pokemon Go if you want to stay stocked up. However if look to the top right corner of the screen you will see a Shield icon. Tap this icon once a day for your free daily bonus. If you have missed it for a couple of days already, the number in the center of this Shield icon will indicate how many Free items you can claim.

7 – You may not get a 100% success rate while tossing Pokeballs to capture Pokemon. If you want a higher success rate (90% +) then you should pay attention to colored rings around the Pokemon. If you see a green ring, wait until it is at its smallest size before throwing Pokeballs.

Orange and red rings mean first you have to calm the Pokemon, otherwise they will break back out, and then you will only waste items. You can increase your capture rate with Powerful items such as Master and Ultra Balls. But you can also find or purchase berries that can calm the Pokemon and turn Orange/Red color rings into green ones, allowing you to capture Pokemon with ease.

More Tips and Tricks will be updated here soon, so stay tuned!