Alekhine’s Gun Walkthrough

Alekhine's Gun Walkthrough

Alekhine’s Gun Walkthrough

Alekhine’s Gun is an action-adventure stealth video game. Alekhine’s Gun is a non-linear type game where complete different missions and objectives in any order you like. The game offers many possibilities to complete objectives and to take down your enemies. The game depicts time of cold war an era of civil unrest and global uncertainty. You play as agent Alekhine, a Russian working alongside CIA.

In the game you have a clear objectives but how you accomplish these objective and how you approach your enemies is up to you. You can kill guards and change clothes for better disguise or you can sneak behind an enemy and choke his neck to death. The game has clear in depth stealth mechanism for you to play with such as creating distractions, picking locks, changing disguises and other similar activities.

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With all that said, in this walkthrough video series you have all 11 stages of the game from start to end with complete missions and objective so that you can easily finish this awesome game. This Walkthrough video series is created by RabidRetrospectGames, and I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Alekhine’s Gun Walkthrough – Part 1

Alekhine’s Gun Walkthrough – Part 2

Alekhine’s Gun Walkthrough – Part 3

Alekhine’s Gun Walkthrough – Part 4

Alekhine’s Gun Walkthrough – Part 5

Alekhine’s Gun: Walkthrough – Part 6

Alekhine’s Gun: Walkthrough – Part 7

Alekhine’s Gun: Walkthrough – Part 8

Alekhine’s Gun: Walkthrough – Part 9

Alekhine’s Gun: Walkthrough – Part 10

Alekhine’s Gun: Walkthrough – Part 11 – Ending