HITMAN Episode One Review

  • 8/10
    HITMAN Episode One Review - 8/10

HITMAN Episode One

HITMAN Episode One is really a great start for the game that combines the best features of its previous games; Blood Money and Absolution. Epic missions good story, plethora of possibilities and stunning environments makes this game the Best!

HITMAN Episode One Review

HITMAN Episode One Review

Latest HITMAN is released on 11th March with First Episode of the story, in this episode you will complete your training as an iconic Agent 47. Here in this first episode you will also take down high profile targets in a Fashion Show attended by vast numbers of NPCs in a huge mansion. The game is full of possibilities allowing you total control on every situation such as how you can slip in or get out of a location to complete your mission or objective. This control provide you great creativity and replay-ability.

These possibilities also provide many ways to take down your target, do you want to approach your target from behind and choke him with wire or you want open fire in a crowded place and land a head on attack with surprise. There’s no force stopping you from having any of the above or similar approach towards a mission but make sure you have a strong exit plan.

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One major part of the hitman game series is stealing NPCs clothes and disguise yourself to open more doors to lay a solid take down plan. But one disguise is not enough as it will only take you so far as you would need another one to complete your objective. The environment is completely open and you can choose your play style to mix things up. All three maps in the HITMAN Episode One has completely distinct qualities, you do not just want to shoot your opponent in the head to complete the mission, if you want the most out of this game you have to taste every flavor of this game.

HITMAN Episode One Review

The Fashion Show is a great example, where the mansion is crowded and you can feel that how complex a mission or objective can be. The mansion is a place where HITMAN Episode One shines the most, you have crowd watching catwalk to hide and gardens to sneak, the possibilities are endless. Even if you think that you have seen all the options but it would be fun to play all these possibilities and get creative. You can be an invisible assassin in this huge mansion.

After completing the three missions, you can access escalation missions that have new objectives with different constraints such as what item to use and what disguise to wear for a kill. In HITMAN, there’s an option where you can create different contract  with full control over objective and constraints as mentioned earlier.

Visiting the same location and environment again and again will lower your enthusiasm but these escalation missions may pinch you to have little more fun with targets, objective and your surroundings. As you know, this HITMAN game is episodic, so after completing these three missions, the initial excitement will fade away. And not only this after playing same mission over and over again looking for creativity and more possibilities will open many flaws and gaps in the AI. At one point you will feel that constantly crouching in a crowded place will never trigger and suspicions.

HITMAN Episode One Review

HITMAN is a stealth game and it can get as stealthy as you want but the AI in the game really fails and you have to ignore these experiences. Well the game is designed for your fun and NPCs in the game are really up for this task. They will comment on your strange behavior, they talk about their jobs, fears and other things when you interact with them. The HITMAN game has a good story but the missions are truly awesome you can say that the missions will make this game the best not its story.

Loading Times in the game are very long and really frustrating. When you want to reload your game from a save point to have some experiment and enjoy other possibilities in the game, it take forever to load the game. However, HITMAN Episode One is a delightful game that will definitely please you with its open design, stunning environments, crowded mission, intelligent NPCs and other great things.