HITMAN Walkthrough

HITMAN Walkthrough

HITMAN Walkthrough

HITMAN is the new installment in the action stealth and third person shooter Hitman game series. In HITMAN you play as an assassin agent 47 who eliminate high profile targets. The is just released on 11th March with its intro content where players have Paris Sanguine Fashion Show and Prologue Mission. In HITMAN intro pack you also get complete access to Escalation Mode, Contract Mode, Elusive targets and other content. Remaining content and episodes of the game will be available to players in 6 different releases that they can have throughout the year and it will start from April 2016.

Same as with the other Hitman games in the series you will be taking down various targets in pretty exotic places and locations. Other content that will be released later this year you have other great locations such as Italy, Japan, USA, Morocco and Thailand. This HITMAN game has pretty amazing and highly detailed graphics along with good gameplay experience. In this game you have plenty of AI controlled NPCs, they really updated and modified the AI in this HITMAN game so you will love the behavior of these NPCs.

Well that’s it about the game, let’s move on to the walkthrough part of HITMAN game. In this HITMAN Walkthrough you will get the complete game with all the missions and side quests from start to the end so that it will be really easy for you to finish this awesome game. This walkthrough video series is made by TmarTn2, and I hope you guys will love it!

Hitman Walthrough – Part 1 – Paris Fashion Show:

Hitman Walthrough – Part 2 – Work the Runway:

Hitman Walthrough – Part 3 – First Kill:

Hitman Walthrough – Part 4 – The End!:

Other videos of the walkthrough series will be updated as soon as the new content and missions will be released for the game, so stay tuned until then, Peace!!