How to Find Spaceships in No Man’s Sky

How to Find Spaceships in No Man's Sky

How to Find Spaceships in No Man’s Sky

Finding crashed spaceships are one of the easiest way to find great parts to upgrade your ship. With an upgraded spaceship you will gain extra inventory slots that will surely come in handy if you want to speed things up to travel to the center of the galaxy. Well, if you do not know how to find various spaceships in No Man’s Sky to salvage parts to upgrade, do not worry we got you covered in this guide.

In How to Find Spaceships in No Man’s Sky guide we will teach you how you can locate different crashed ships in this vast and mysterious universe of No Man’s Sky. As we all know that the game has procedurally generated universe so it may take you longer than other players to find ships but eventually you will find a good ship or parts to upgrade your ship.

How to Find Spaceships in No Man’s Sky:

The method to find a crashed space ship is pretty simple, whenever you want to explore a planet, fly over its surface and scan it using your ship’s scanner. Scanning the planet’s surface will locate different points of interest and outposts on the ground and these points will be marked as a question mark (?). Just find these ‘?’ marks and find an orange beam that is shooting into the sky.

How to Find Spaceships - Orange Beams

These orange beams are called Signal Scanners and you can easily hack them with a Bypass Chip. If you do not have  a Bypass Chip then just craft one using 10 Iron and 10 Plutonium. Once you hacked these Signal Scanner, it will offer you 4 options; Monolith, Colonial Outpost, Transmission and Shelter.

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Now if you want to locate crashed ships then you should choose ‘Transmission’, it’ll direct you to a nearest Transmission Tower. And then you can use this ‘Transmission Tower’ to locate a ship’s distress signal. Remember one thing that Transmission Tower will also direct you towards various Beacons/Observatories. If you want to you can check these locations too, once you have the location of Transmission Tower, just fly to it. A great way to use these Signal Scanner is to create various Bypass Chips and then use them multiple times to locate as many Transmission Towers as possible.

How to Find Spaceships - Signal Scanner

Inside these towers you will find a terminal, interact with this terminal and activate it. Then you will have to solve an easy mathematical puzzle. A simple will be: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, XXX. In this puzzle equation you will have to find the value of XXX by figuring out a pattern. As you’ve already guessed it, in the above example the answer is 64. If you are able to solve these mathematical equations correctly, then a terminal will show a Distress Signal. These Distress signals will lead you to a crashed ship, which can be in repairable or non-repairable condition.

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Now you may be thinking, why these crashed ships are so important? Because these crashed spaceships will allow you to upgrade your own ship at zero cost. If you are lucky enough you may be able to find a space ship with 48 inventory slots in a reparable condition. As we have mentioned earlier that you have to fix these crashed ships if these are in reparable condition but do not worry because resources such as Heridium can be found in almost every planet pretty easily.