Deus Ex Mankind Divided Controls List

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Controls List

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Controls List

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is the latest cyberpunk style, sci-fi stealth and RPG video game in the Deus Ex game series. In Deus Ex Mankind Divided mechanically augmented humans now deemed outcasts and they live in total segregation from the society.

As usual you will play as a secret agent named Adam Jensen in Deus Ex Mankind Divided who is forced to work in a world where everyone despises his kind. You are armed with a new augmentations & weapons and you must choose the right path in order to solve a worldwide conspiracy. The game has various actions to perform, and it may be difficult for you to remember which button performs what action. In Deus Ex Mankind Divided Controls List guide we’ll show you a list of all the controls for this RPG story rich Deus Ex Mankind Divided. In this guide we will also show you how you can change the control scheme for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Controls List:

The controls for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game may have different control schemes, below you can find the default scheme:

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Command Xbox One Playstation 4
Walk Left stick Left stick
Sprint Y Triangle
Crouch Press right stick Press right stick
Camera Right stick Right stick
Jump A X
Vault over cover Press A while in cover Press X while in cover
Change cover Press A while Aimimg at destination Press X while Aimimg at destination
Shoot RT R2
Use X Square
Hack Y Triangle
Lethal takedown Hold B Hold Circle
Nonlethal takedown Press B Press Circle
Throw held items RT R2
Invetory/Augmentations Press left stick Press left stick
Use medkit/battery Press LT/RT While in inventory Press L2/R2 while in inventory
Use augmentations D-pad, LB D-pad, L1
Icarus Strike Hold B while falling Hold Circle while falling

Remember one thing that this guide is still in progress we will update the controls when the Deus Ex Mankind Divided will release on 23rd August for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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If you are playing the Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PC, with a mouse and keyboard, you can change the controls that suits you. To do this go to the option menu, and there look for ‘controls’. In ‘Controls’ menu you can pick the option to change key bindings for your keyboard.