Top 10 Overwatch Best Heroes

Top 10 Overwatch Best Heroes

Top 10 Overwatch Best Heroes

Overwatch is an awesome first person shooter hero based and multiplayer game from Blizzard. The game is just recently released and it has already got pretty great reviews from various reviewers and gamers around the world. Read our Overwatch Review for more in-depth analysis of good and bad things that we have found in Overwatch.

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There are 21 unique and amazing characters in the game. Each character is totally different in terms of personality, story and abilities as compared with his/her counterparts. In Top 10 Overwatch Best Heroes we will provide you the top 10 heroes in Overwatch that we’ve found powerful, special and ultimate the best.

So let’s get started with the number 10:

10. Overwatch Best Heroes – MEI:

Overwatch Best Heroes - Mei

Mei’s main purpose is to slow or completely stop the other team from breaking through into your side of the map. She freezes everyone, making them extremely vulnerable for offensive players on your team, they can jump in there are destroy them.

Her Freeze gun is the ultimate advantage in holding back players and you can also put up a massive avalanche which literally alters the map where you got at least 5 seconds of a solid wall and your team can easily take down the opponents. The only issue you may have with the charatcer MEI is that how slow she is! but I think that’s the case with every other defense players because They Are Defensive Players!

9. Overwatch Best Heroes – HANZO:

Overwatch Best Heroes - Hanzo

HANZO is a defensive character, now already I can almost hear WIDOWMAKER’s fans screaming out that how great she is, she has more damage and range and her ass is nice and she’s got grappling hook. But you are forgetting that her grapple a cool down, HANZO on the other hand is an awesome spider and will literally climb up the walls in the time WIDOWMAKER to recover her sniper and although more damage seems practical, first take a closer look.

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HANZO can fire more arrows at a time, he can deal more damage each second because he’s consistently firing and if you have perfect accuracy, you’re right in the money. But most of the time we do not hit every shot, so HANZO gives us the ability to deal as much damage as the people who do hit each shot by firing more shots at a time.

The consistency typically outweighs the stats you see on his character itself, and most of the fights take place at a closer range anyways. So HANZO is going to be more practical. HANZO’s dragon’s ability is perfect for clearing the way if there is a long passage or groups of tanks around the objective. His ultimate just clears and you have the trackers as well as the arrows that ricochets, that’s why HANZO is at number 9 of this Overwatch Best Heroes list.

8. Overwatch Best Heroes – REAPER:

Overwatch Best Heroes - Reaper

This guys is really terrifying to begin with, he’s got dual shotguns, takes the soul when killing people, he can teleport and his best ability is that he can go intangible. His Death Blossom ability is fantastic to take down bunch of enemies at once.

All you see when you face this character as your enemy is heavy damage or he just floating away from you. He is definitely a tactical player but his invincibility is a great distraction for your teammates who have the chance to jump in and shoot while you can’t.

The only thing that is really bad about REAPER is his mobility, I mean other than teleportation he does walk like a defensive player even though he is offensive to balance him out, which is really not good but overall pretty good character.

7. Overwatch Best Heroes – ROADHOG:

Overwatch Best Heroes - ROADHOG

At number 7 we have ROADHOG or should I say the walking apocalypse. This man is completely terrifying to encounter that’s pretty much because every time you see this guy, he’s gonna grab you with his hook and forcefully rip your throat.

What really makes this Tank unique though, is his healing ability like He can heal so frequently heavily. But he is also extremely dangerous at close range, he does heavy damage and like I said if you want to rip someone toward you to melee and shoot few bullets it’s over for your opponents. Just remember that he is a tank so he does not move fast but he is extremely powerful and is not something you want to get close up to because then you are dealing with a walking apocalypse.

6. Overwatch Best Heroes – PHARA:

Overwatch Best Heroes - PHARA

PHARA is an offensive character. She has a jetpack and her mobility is maxed out pretty much. Her gun is explosive so she can fire from sky and really the only one you have to worry about because PHARA is a long range hero. For the most part she is persistent and the ground character who have short range, are not going to hit her in the air and you’ll be able to take people by surprise by flying above the general depth of field. She can also become AC-130 when you activate her Ultimate mid air, which I think is pretty cool.

5. Overwatch Best Heroes – WINSTON:

Overwatch Best Heroes - WINSTON

Now this tank is ridiculously up close, his weapon of choice is a Tesla Canon that can link more than one opponent at a time, so you do not have try that hard to aim because he’s gonna link them all together. He has a jetpack or more like a jump pack on his back that lets you hop extremely high into the air. But he also travels pretty fast as well so he is great in moving around.

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He’s got a shield on his defense and his ultimate is literally going ape sh*t and is really great for objective and clearing the ways because he can also jump back and forth just rampaging. Not only creating a distraction but also taking out everything in his path that’s why he is one of the most Tankster characters in Overwatch.

4. Overwatch Best Heroes – TRACER:

Overwatch Best Heroes - TRACER

This is the character you will see on everybody’s list, TRACER is really annoying t deal with. She can move across the entire map in seconds with ease. And is possibly a difficult character to focus on in combat because she can rewind her movements and dash simultaneously anywhere on the map in seconds.

If you catch her she is pretty weak, well what am I telling you, you won’t be able to catch her to begin with. Her dual pistols are pretty solid as well, she is good for securing objectives but her defense is little to none. So definitely a player for quick moves or picking people off. Do not charge in or tanks with her because she will die easily but she is good and one of the most popular offense characters in the game.

3. Overwatch Best Heroes – LUCIO:

Overwatch Best Heroes - LUCIO

LUCIO’s healing ability is brilliant alone, you switch over to heal mode and yo can fire HP to your teammates giving them massive advantages. And you do not even have to lock on, you just fire at them and it can give your team member HP in general vicinity where you fire them. On top of that you can give everyone including slow tanks a speed boost  to the front line which if you take away the tank’s weakness which is move slowly, they’re extremely fast.

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LUCIO and any slow tank character works pretty well in combination, that’s why you should switch up the tiers and different classes together. It’s always important to have one out and on top of all this, LUCIO got solid damage making LUCIO the best support hero at the time.

2. Overwatch Best Heroes – REINHARDT:

Overwatch Best Heroes - REINHARDT

REINHARDT is the meaning of Tank, if you feel like playing a defensive player, pull out your massive shield and block anything coming your way. If you need to be an offensive player, move up to the map very simply using charge and he will pin anything in his way but also quickly boost you to the front line which I say definitely makes up for his lack of mobility.

He has a first strike ability because he doesn’t have projectiles which is fine since he has a shield and then hammer is just brutal. If you get next to him, you are not living for long and his earth shatter ability smashes the ground knocking back everyone in its path. So he is the perfect and ultimate Tank. This character is extremely OP because he has smaller abilities, from just about everyone one of the hero classifications which is just madness. He’s got it all!

1. Overwatch Best Heroes – GENJI:

Overwatch Best Heroes - GENJI

GENJI is not in any sense an OP, however is the overall best character in Overwatch. GENJI’s movements are impeccable, he can double jump and climb just like HANZO which is insanely useful for quick escape. And he can pretty much reach any point on the map. His abilities allows him to deflect any OP projectiles that other classes might have and he can dash forward with swift strike which will destroy enemies in your path. This sure can give you a sniper range with the ability to constantly throw them out and his dragon blade ability deals ton of damage.

Now GENJI’s true weakness is his health and defenses. He really does not have much to protect him but what he does have is his agility. So the best way to use him is to get in your shurikens throws, once you get those in, get out of there because the chances are that no one will keep up with you and can come back with more health once you recovered.

GENJI easily gets to the front of the map and picks up kills, despite his damage is not extremely high he is pretty agile. So he is hard to attack and can consistently be throwing shurikens or sneaking up on enemies. His movements are like none of the other heroes which gives him this number one spot in our Top 10 Overwatch Best Heroes list.

I hope you guys have enjoyed it, Which is your favorite hero please feel free to tell us in comments!