How to Get Coins in Overwatch

How to Get Coins in Overwatch

How to Get Coins in Overwatch

Players in Overwatch should be skilled and knowledgeable about the Loot Boxes because every time a player earned a new level he/she will be presented with Loot boxes that contains different cosmetic items of different rarity. But one feature is not made clear by the Blizzard which is in-game currency and how you can acquire it.

Players can easily get different loot boxes with skins, animations, sprays, victory poses and other unique cosmetic items through loot boxes but if you really need a particular cosmetic item that you really like then you have to unlock it with coins in Overwatch.

Now the question is how one can acquire plenty of coins to unlock and purchse cosmetics items that they really want?

Overwatch Coins:

Well, with the release of Overwatch, one thing is pretty clear that players cannot buy Coins with the real money. You can only buy Loot Boxes with your real money. But the problem with the loot boxes is that you do not know what you will get in the loot box because the items you will receive in that box are completely random with different rarity level. The only real way to receive a cosmetic item of your dreams is through Overwatch’s in-game currency which is Coins.

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There are two different ways for player to earn Coins in Overwatch. The first method is to earn the currency coins directly form the Loot Boxes. These Loot boxes have 4 different levels of rarity: Legendary (Gold), Epic (Purple), Rare (Blue) and Common (White). Gold or Legendary Loot Boxes will reward you 500 Coins, Epic will reward you 150 coins, Rare loot boxes will reward you 100 coins and common loot boxes will grant you 50 coins.

The second method to get coins is where you will receive a duplicate cosmetic items that you already own. But this is pretty slower method to get plenty of coins as duplicate items do not reward you many coins. Common items will give you 5 coins and rare items will give you 15 coins for duplicate items.

Just remember one thing that Blizzard has introduced this currency system in Overwatch to keep a tap on the progression system for the cosmetic items so that it’ll be a slow burn process. You will not going to get the desired cosmetic item in just one day instead you have to invest a lot of time in order to purchase and unlock a desired item through the in-game currency.

I suggest that you try this method to Level Up Fast in Overwatch and hope for the best items with each Loot Box you get. We recommend this because it would be wise to take a chance with the Loot Box than purchasing the cosmetic item that will cost you 1,000 Coins.