Mafia 3 Tips and Tricks

Mafia 3 Tips and Tricks

Mafia 3 Tips and Tricks

Mafia 3 is an action-adventure and open world video game from 2K Games. The game is a 3rd installment in Mafia game series and is going to release on 7th October, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The hype for this game is real and plenty of gamers around the world are impatiently waiting for the game to release.

The setting is 1968 in a fictional city called New Bordeaux which is basically a recreation of  New Orleans. The story of Mafia 3 revolves around  Lincoln Clay, a a Vietnam War veteran. In the game you will get revenge from the Italian mob by building a crime organization. The world map of the game is pretty large, it is larger than Mafia and Mafia II’s world map combined. The game has pretty unique weapons, vehicle and music to support and accent the era.

The game is fully packed with action, revenge and drama, and there are a lot of thing to do. It can be pretty overwhelming at first, so we decided to provide you help in this regard. In Mafia 3 Tips and Tricks we will provide you some great tips and tricks about general mechanics of the game so that you can easily master all the things in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 Tips and Tricks:

Following are the general tips and tricks for Mafia 3;

General Tips for Mafia 3:

1 – You can easily minimize the causalities in your encounters with enemies by using non-lethal takedown option in the menu.

2 – If you have a weapon at ready and you are running around in the city, civilians will react to this. They might also try to call the police. But thankfully, you can deal with this situation and stop them as you desire (I’d just kill them on the spot for messing with me. lol).

3 – If you see the Junction Box, don’t ignore it. Wire tap the Junction Box and it will then reveal all the points of interest on the map in a specific radius. These point of interests include weapons, collectibles and stashes.

4 – You can kill any officer in Mafia but it is not necessary. But doing so will make the quests easier in the main story campaign.

5 – The character customization is not at its fullest in Mafia 3. The story is based around Lincoln Clay and you can not change any facial settings for the character. But we have seen him with different hair styles in different trailers so I guess you may be able to change his hair style by going to the barber shop.

6 – Always try to deposit your money because when you die you will lose everything on you that is not safely deposited.

7 – You can easily explore the world map after completing the main campaign. So, do not prolong your missions and quest by trying to explore every part of the map.

Driving/Vehicle Tips for Mafia 3:

8 – There are 2 different vehicle modes one is arcade and the other one is realistic. These two modes have different durability, handing and speed of the cars.

9 – If you want a particular var in the game you can have it delivered to you by calling your subordinates. It’s a pretty great option and the car will be delivered right next you so you don’t have to explore the map just for one car.

10 – Every vehicle in the game is unique. Handling any two cars on the same surface is pretty different and unique. So a car that looks awful at road might be great on dirt paths.

11 – You can customize different cars to an extent. All this depends on on your favors for different Associates. You can customize a car both visually and mechanically with different upgraded parts.

12 – You can unlock various customization option by taking part in street racing in Mafia 3. This way you can also earn some extra cash.

Associate Perk Tips for Mafia 3:

13 – Keep your lieutenants happy because if they aren’t then they’ll leave you. They will clearly show the reason for this at a meeting and then if you still don’t do things accordingly they will leave you after that.

14 – You can favor one under-boss over the other for great benefits. For example you can give districts of New Bordeaux to Vito and for that you will receive great weapons at some point in the story.

15 – If you want to deposit your money during the missions without leaving the mission itself then you have to get the Consigliere perk.

16 – If you want top tier vehicles in Mafia 3, you will be needing Burke’s perks. This perk will unlock various cars through the supply runs.

17 – If you want powerful weapons and cheap ammo then you should get the Cassandra’s perks as soon as possible.