How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3

How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3

How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is the latest action packed open world racing game in Forza Horizon game series. The game is developed by Playground Games and it is published by Microsoft Studios for Windows and Xbox One. The game is just a day away from the release as it will hit stores on 27th September, 2016. But there are fans who couldn’t wait and ordered the Ultimate Edition which came out on 23rd September.

Now the main goal of most of the players will be getting a lot of money to get new cars and perks in the game that will provide them the necessary boost to win their races. If you know how to earn money fast in Forza Horizon 3 then its amazing. But those who do not know how to fill their account with money early in the game, don’t worry we have this guide for you.

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How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3:

In How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3 guide we will provide you some tips and tricks that you can use to earn money in Forza Horizon 3 really fast. We have been compiling different tips which are best to earn money fast in Forza Horizon 3. Following are the best ways to earn money fast in Forza Horizon 3;

1 – One of the best ways to actually to earn a lot of money is just play the game normally and level up then do your WheelSpins. Leveling up and doing the WheelSpins is, seriously, the best way to get money quickly in this game. You can do some other things to earn other money but getting WheelSpins is one of the best way, especially if you have the VIP access.

If you did ordered the game on Friday you will have the VIP access which means every single one of your WheelSpins gets doubled. That means, if I earned 50,000 Credits in a WheelSpin, I’ll actually get a 100,000 Credits. You can easily earn huge money from this.

How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3 - WheelSpins

2 – The second way you can earn a lot of money quickly in Forza Horizon 3 is with the Perks. There are total of 75 Perks in the game and a lot of them go towards getting you more money, getting you more XP so you can get those WheelSpins faster. So, check out the Perks and sort of investigate your own path, I don’t know the best way to go in through all the Perks. Because it will be different of every player, so get some skill points and get a lot of your Perks unlocked and you can get some crazy money.

3 – Another way to earn money fast in the game is by using a Perk where you can pay for WheelSpins. Well, now this is really risky because even if you have VIP your money does not double. So, you may say that why would you do that? Well, you’re going to do it for the Horizon Edition Cars, that we’ll later in this article.

How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3 - Perks

4 – Another way you can get a lot of money, well it’s not confirmed yet, I haven’t personally beat the game or unlocked all of my Perks yet. In Forza Horizon 2, for beating the game you earned a Million Credit bonus for winning the final race. I would expect something like that in Forza Horizon 3.

The same thing goes for Perks, in Forza Horizon 2 when you unlock all your Perks, you got 100,000 Credits. Since there’s three times the Perks in Forza Horizon 3, I would expect 300,000 Credits for finishing all your Perks. Well, it is not confirmed yet, as I told you I haven’t finished the game. But if you have finished the game and unlocked all your Perks , let me know what happens then in the comments below. I would appreciate it.

5 – As I said earlier that playing the game is one of the best ways of getting money, XP and WheelSpins, but you can actually improve that even more by joining a club. If you join a club you will get bunch of bonuses for just getting the XPs. Clubs are broken up into tiers form tier 1-5 I think. Anyways, depending on what tier you get, you’ll get bonus after the week ends. So, for instance, I’ll get 200,000 Credits just for playing and getting the required XP and when the week ends, I’ll get the extra 200,000 Credits just like that.

6 – Another sort of minor way you can get money really fast in Forza Horizon 3 is just turning some extra assists off. For instance, just turn the stability control off, it doesn’t actually do much in Forza Horizon 3. I noticed it and I think everybody can drive find without it. Turning this setting off will get you extra 10% on whatever you earn.

How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3 - Forza Edition Cars

7 – Another way and probably the best way to earn money in terms of the amount of time it takes to amount of money you get is just Forza Rewards. Based on much you’ve played the previous Forza games, you get money for playing those games. For instance, I’m tier 9 for Forza Rewards that means I get an extra 350,000 Credits every single week in Forza Horizon 3 just for going on to their website and clicking Redeem Rewards.

8 – Now I’ll talk about Forza Edition Cars, why would you want these cars and why would you risking all your money of those WheelSpins? Well, these particular cars are extremely valuable, they are super rare and they’ll cost you millions of Credits. So what does that mean, it means you can go in and you can get some cars, in those WheelSpins that cost crazy amount of money and them on the auction house and make an absolute killer money.

How to Earn Money Fast in Forza Horizon 3 - Forza Rewards

9 – There is actually one more way you can make money in Forza Horizon 3, which is by beating some high Credit drivers. After certain amount of playing the game, you will notice that there are these drivers with the Credit signs above their heads that means they are worth a lot of money if you beat them. For instance, I earned 50,000 Credits by just beating a high credit driver in a one minute race.

So guys that’s it, if you combine all these above tips you will definitely earn a lot of money fast in Forza Horizon 3. If you’ve some tips for earning money fast in Forza Horizon 3, please share with our readers by commenting below.