Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets

Nowadays it’s now becoming more of a trend to include bunch of easter eggs and secrets for player to find in games. And the Mafia 3 is no exception to this. Mafia 3 is out now and it’s only been up for a couple of days and players are already finding great secrets and easter eggs that developers have thrown in the game.

In Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets guide we will show you 10 easter eggs and secrets that you can easily find in Mafia 3. Some of these secrets and easter eggs are pretty easy to find you will find some just playing through the game. But there are others that are more hidden, so you will have to dig deeper in New Bordeaux to find them.

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Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets:

Following are the easter eggs and secrets that we have found so far in Mafia 3;

Get Silenced Pistol Early in the Game for Free:

Let’s start off with the first quick secret tip for you guys. At the beginning of the game, your only option for stealthy approach is hunting knife. You can get a silenced weapon later in the game by purchasing one, or getting it as a reward from your underboss or you can get one with a secret way.

You can get a silenced pistol in the game without spending a dime or as a reward, after meeting with Casandra for the first time head outside of her shop and you will see a gun vendor in a van. He will give you a free silenced pistol just for talking to him. Silenced pistols is really a nice tool to have really early on in the game and it’ll definitely save you some time and money and will also make the game little easier early on.

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Real Playboy Magazine Issues:

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets - Playboy Magazines

It wouldn’t be a really open world game without some sort of collectible. One of the things that you can collect in this game are Playboy Magazines. This was actually a collectible in Mafia II as well, so it made its return. The really cool thing about it is that these Playboy Magazine Issues aren’t just made up issues. Each and every single issue you find in the game is actually a real issue.

All these issues have photos and articles from the actual issue that was published on the corresponding date. Check out our Every Playboy Magazine Location in Mafia 3 guide to find all the Playboy Magazines.

Lady with an Egg:

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets - Lady with an Egg

we were actually able to find a lady walking down the street just holding one single egg. So, I think one can say that this is actually a literal easter egg.

Dudes Exploring Deeper into Each Other:

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets - Dudes Exploring Deeper into Each Other

There’s a bath house in the game, and after exploring thoroughly you will find a dark room with photos hanging and  with a camera setup. And then you will find a room with a window that is looking out into a jacuzzi. And in that jaccuzi there are two persons exploring deeper into each other, if you know what I trying to say….. yeah easter eggs. Watch the Small GIF Here for Fun.

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Rocky Easter Egg:

It’s another quick one. In Pointe Verdun, there’s a slaughter house and you will find a guy there boxing with a giant animal carcass that’s handging from the ceiling. This is very reminiscent of the famous scene from the Rocky movie where he is punching the hanging meat and breaking its ribs. It’s pretty amazing to see an easter egg from that movie because I love that movie. Another thing about this easter egg is that it is pretty hard to find and you may completely miss it.

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets - Rocky Easter Egg Map Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets - Rocky Easter Egg

Licence Plates:

The licence plates of all the cars in Mafia 3 are the same exact one from Mafia 2. If you look really close to the bottom of the plate you can actually see the expiration date a lot ones that I looked at actually expired in 1953.  I don’t know if it’s just a small tiny easter egg that developers threw in or if this is the development team being lazy and reusing all the assets from from the old game.

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets - Licence Plates

For me, it’s just a little funny easter egg that they just threw in there. If you look at all the official screenshots of the game, they all have the licence plates that expired in 1953. There are a lot of throw backs in Mafia 3, so I would definitely won’t be surprised if this something the development team put in on purpose for us to find.

Free Ammo Secret:

Here’s another quick secret for you. If you already own a weapon and you have the option to equip it for free, it actually refills your ammo for that weapon. So if you want to take advantage of this and get free ammo for  the gun you already have unlocked go see a vendor. When at the vendor hit the equip for free on a different weapon and then do the equip for free action again back to the original gun. Now you have free ammo. Boom…. I just saved you some money, you’re very welcome.

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Ford Falcon Stuck into a Tree:

In the eastern part of the Bayou, you can actually find a Ford Falcon stuck in the tree. This easter egg is referring to something that happened in Australia years ago. There’s actually a Ford Falcon that stuck up on a tree since 1985. And for years, no one knew how it got there.

There are ton of rumors floating around one of the big one is that a flood lifted the car up off the ground and got it stuck into a tree. It’s really a cool easter egg and it is definitely something that will get players to stop whatever they’re doing after noticing it to check it out.

Breaking Bad and Dexter Easter Egg:

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets - Breaking Bad and Dexter Easter Egg

In Barclay Mills, there’s a mission that takes place in a warehouse. And in that warehouse there are a bunch of bodies and body parts everywhere and there’s also a bunch of guys like in Breaking Bad style suits. And after exploring the warehouse for a little bit, it’s get creepier and creepier.

You will find bodies that are on the tables, some of them are dismembered which is kind a reminiscent of Dexter. And then you’ll find another spot full barrels. And one of the barrels is actually on the ground with the top open. When you look in it seems to contain some type of human soup which really does remind me of Breaking Bad.

In Breaking Bad, Walter White dispose bodies that way, you know throwing them in the barrel and tossing acid in and then bodies just dissolve into a gross  human soupy paste. I don’t know, if this is purposely a reference to Breaking Bad and Dexter but it is pretty obvious and I’m pretty sure that it is.

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What Happened to Joe:

This is probably one of the coolest easter eggs in the game and there is a spoiler involves so I’m not gonna get too much into it, just gonna give you basics. It’s a side mission that you can do for Vito that will actually give you some insight on what happened to Joe between Mafia 2 and Mafia 3. So all I’m gonna say, go play the game and find out for yourself. It’s really cool what happened and it’s really cool what you find out so, definitely go check that out.

Secret Car from Mafia 2:

Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets - Secret Car from Mafia 2

In Mafia 2, there is car called Potomac Indian and it’s in Mafia 3 as well. There are few of them through the game. you can just find the by driving around. But there’s one in particular in the Bayou, you can find this in the swarm just chilling in a little garage. It’s just rusty and old looking, so may be that’s actually the one used and driven in Mafia 2, who knows.

So that concludes our list of Mafia 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets. If you have found any other easter egg or secret please share with our readers be commenting below.