How to Get Loyalty of Underboss in Mafia 3

How to Get Loyalty of Underboss in Mafia 3

How to Get Loyalty of Underboss in Mafia 3

Getting the Loyalty of each underboss is really a hard thing to achieve and most of the players are searching for answers on how to get loyalty of underboss in mafia 3. So, we thought we should give this a try. Underboss Loyalty is the final step in a relationship with your associates Vito, Casandra and Burke.

You can achieve this and after that it’ll reveal more personal information about the underboss in question. When you get the loyalty of one underboss you will unlock Trust Achievement/Trophy. But when you achieve this status with all three of you underbosses, then you will unlock the Family Achievement/Trophy. It’s not that hard to achieve this status but Mafia 3 does not explain how you can do it and the game does not present any requirements at all.

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How to Get Loyalty of Underboss in Mafia 3:

In How to Get Loyalty of Underboss in Mafia 3 guide we will show you how you can get the loyalty of your all three underbosses in this action-adventure Mafia 3. To get the loyalty of all three of your underbosses you will have to give them control of the city equally.

For the first step in the right direction, you have to give each underboss a minimum of 3 districts. We have tried to give different districts to each underboss according to their style, passion and theme. And the following combination is the best worked for ourselves;

  • Cassandra: Assign Delray Hallow, Barclay Mills and Bayou Fantom to Cassandra.
  • Vito: Assign River Row, Downtown and Southdowns to Vito:
  • Burke: Assign Frenchward, Frisco Fields, Tickfaw Harbor and Pointe Verdun to Burke.

Note: First assign 3 districts to Burke after getting the loyalty you can assign him to more districts.

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Now comes the second step, after assigning appropriate districts to each of your underbosses on equality terms, you will have to complete the side missions for each one of them. Now don’t worry these side missions are not just to get the loyalty status, in fact these missions play a vital part in the story and in weakening the Italian Mob. These missions will also trigger some key moments in the story.

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Well to do all this you need money and for that you can do some pother side missions like racket-building. This way you will earn good money to keep things smooth. But remember one thing that racket business side missions are not necessary to get the Loyalty status. But these following are pretty important side mission; .45 In My Hand, IRA Don’t Ask, I Need a Favor.

After doing all the above activities you should be able to unlock the loyalty status for all three of your underboss. This way you will learn more about their personal lives and history. These personal stories are pretty tragic and reveal what motivates each character.