Best Weapon Combination in Mafia 3

Best Weapon Combination in Mafia 3

Best Weapon Combination in Mafia 3

With the release of latest Mafia game in the series, comes the new weapons. The game is set in 1968, so we will experience all the weapons from that particular time period. The game only allow players to carry two weapons so it would be pretty hard for some players to get the perfect mix with the weapons. Especially those players will have a hard time figuring a perfect pair who like to have 3-5 weapons in their pockets to tackle all kinds of situations.

In Best Weapon Combination in Mafia 3 guide we will show you some of the best weapon combinations in Mafia 3. The best weapon combination is where weapon complement each other and support each others weaknesses. For instance, if you have one weapon with high damage but low accuracy and another weapon with high accuracy but low damage it would be a best combo.

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Best Weapon Combination in Mafia 3:

Best weapon combos are pretty important if you want to survive longer in the game. Because sometime game just throw you in a hard spot from where you can only escape if you have a good pair of weapons. There are plenty of great weapon combos in the game depending on your gameply style. But if you’re not a picky player, you can always go for the type of weapons that your enemies are using. This way you will never be out of ammo.

But if you want to be different and don’t afraid of trying new things then the following weapon combos will definitely appeal to you;

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Masterson Phoenix Revolver AND Mayweather .30 Rifle:

If you do not like scope on your rifles then Mayweather .30 rifle is a perfect weapon for you. It has a high rate of fire and can take out long distant targets like a piece of cake. If your target got lucky and tries to get a clean shot from short distance, you can always pick these goons with Masterson Phoenix revolver.

Elling 9MM Handgun AND Barker 390 Shotgun:

If you are just starting the game and are low on cash, this is the perfect pair. Both weapons are great in their own way. If you do not care dealing with the police and making noises. The Barker 390 shotgun can unleash hell on goons from a short distance. If there’s any opportunity to take down an enemy at a long range Elling 9MM Handgun will not disappoint you.

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Silenced Deacon .22 Pistol AND Silenced M1N8 Semi-Automatic:

A best combo for stealth lovers. If you want to be a ninja who loves to kill enemies undetected, this weapon combo is only for you. The Deacon .22 pistol is amazingly accurate for long range kills without alerting nearby goons. And the  M1N8 SMG is pretty good at clearing up the left over mess.

Silenced Masterson Pistol AND Viper 55 Sniper Rifle:

It would definitely piss many players when they spot a great spot for sniping but they don’t actually have a sniper rifle at that moment. If you are into sniping thing and loves long rang kills this combo is for you. The Viper 55 Sniper Rifle can easily take down long range enemies one by one. And if you miss the close range action, just switch to Masterson Pistol and cause destruction in enemy barracks.

That’s our list of Best Weapon Combination in Mafia 3, if you have your own favorite weapon combo, please share with our readers by commenting below.