How to Get Silenced Weapon in Mafia 3

How to Get Silenced Weapon in Mafia 3

How to Get Silenced Weapon in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is an action packed open world video game with elements of stealth combat. And if you are into this stealth thing then you might wondering how to get a Silenced Weapon early in the game. At the start of you game, the only way to take down different enemies using the stealth tactics is with the hunting knife. But taking down bunch of enemies with a hunting knife is not that quick when you are being chased by police.

Now, if you want a silenced weapon in Mafia 3 ti kill mafia goons without making any noise, you can do that early in the Mafia 3 campaign. In How to Get Silenced Weapon in Mafia 3 guide we will show you how you can get a silenced weapon in Mafia 3.

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How to Get Silenced Weapon in Mafia 3:

The best and easiest way to get a silenced weapon in the game without spending money is taking control of the first racket. For taking over any racket, you will have to start a series of attacks to weaken the current boss and then eliminate him in face to face fight.

When you’ve successfully taken control of the first racket then the game will provide you an option to choose an underboss for that racket. Now this decision is pretty tricky because which silenced weapon you will get is depend on this decision.

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Following are the three silenced weapons you will get depending who you choose to control the first racket;

  • If you pick Vito, you will get Masterson Semi-Auto, a silenced pistol with low accuracy but high damage.
  • If you pick Cassandra, you will get M1N8, a silenced automatic weapon with less damage and accuracy but with high rate of fire.
  • And if you pick Burke, you will get Deacon .22, a silenced pistol with low damage but high accuracy.


You can get a silenced pistol in the game without a reward, after meeting with Casandra for the first time head outside of her shop and you will see a gun vendor in a van. He will give you a free silenced pistol just for talking to him.

Using the above method you will have a silenced weapon in your arsenal. And the best part is you get the weapon without spending a single penny. If you enjoy stealth gameplay then getting a weapon with silencer is pretty great because now you don’t have to stab people with hunting knife which makes the gameplay pretty slow.

Now you have a silenced weapon you can easily customize it to make it more powerful. Check out our How to Customize Weapons in Mafia 3 guide for more information.