Assigning Districts in Mafia 3

Assigning Districts in Mafia 3

Assigning Districts in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is featuring a vast world map in the game, the map is so big that you can actually put Mafia and Mafia II maps inside it. It’s a recreation of New Orleans and the setting is 1968. The map in the game is divided into various districts. You can own and run these districts through your under bosses.

When you assign districts to underbosses, they’ll generate income for their boss, well, obviously you. This assigning district activity will let you progress through the story. And it will also take you one step closer in taking down the Italian Mob. If you do not know how to assign districts to your underboss and what are the consequences of this activity then this guide is for you.

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Assigning Districts in Mafia 3:

In Assigning Districts in Mafia 3 guide we will show you how you can easily assign different districts of New Bordeaux to your underbosses in Mafia 3. You have three underbosses Cassandra, Vito and Burke and you will assign each district to these three. When you assign a district to your underboss, it’ll increase the trust element but simultaneously you’ll also be pissing off other two.

Before we elaborate this first you should know that before assigning a district, you need to own that district. You will engage in series of activities to conquer a district such as attacking smuggling rings, rackets or eliminating enforcers. All these activities will decrease the income of the district for the current boss and then he will try to kill you. When Once you eliminate him, you will own the district.

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Now when you have a district you may get a phone call or you can hold a meeting with your underbosses to assign that particular district. Associate, who gets the district will be pleased but the other two might not like that. So, you have to assign them to a near-equal district for good balanced control of the city. If you don’t you will lose their support and they might try to lead their own gang and try to kill you.

Re-assigning Districts in Mafia 3:

It is not confirmed that will you be able to Re-assign districts so you should choose carefully. It may be possible later in the game to take back a district from one boss and give it to another. At this moment just act like it is the final decision.

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When the district is assigned it will generate revenue for you. Just make sure to collect revenue from your rackets time to time. There’s a limit on how much a business can generate. Once that cap is reached the racket will not generate more income unless you claim the previously earned revenue.