Inside Game Unlock Secret Ending

Inside Game Unlock Secret Ending

Inside Game Unlock Secret Ending

In Inside Game Unlock Secret Ending guide, we will show you that how you can watch the secret or alternate ending in the puzzle-platformer and action-adventure game INSIDE. The game is pretty awesome and it already got great reviews from various reviewers and gamers around the world.

The story of INSIDE game is about a boy who fight against a dark and evil enemy to stop him from taking over the world. This boy finds that some entity is experimenting on humans to control their minds. And you have to find a way to stop this entity ‘s evil plans.

How to Unlock Secret Ending in Inside Game:

You have to find all the 13 round orbs collectibles with lights on them and interact with these orbs to break them. To find every round orb collectible, check out our Inside Game Collectible Orbs Location Guide. Then walk into 14th final giant orb to break it right before the end of Inside game. When you do this, it’ll result in a black board in background with all 13 lights to turn off, except the 2nd light.

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This means that now you have to return a bunker entrance in cornfield where the second orb was. Once inside the bunker, you can go to a vault door & turn musical lever in following order to enter a code that unlocks a round door: Up – Up – Right – Left – Right – Right – Right – Up – Up – Up – Right – Left – Left – Left.

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Since it is just a musical sequence, it does not matter where you start entering this code just follow the above sequence. After this bunker’s vault door will unlock, just keep walking forward to right until you see the secret ending.

If you still having difficulties in unlocking the inside game’s secret ending, watch the below video. The video is created by Maka91Productions, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Inside Game Unlock Secret Ending: