Inside Game Achievements Guide

Inside Game Achievements Guide

Inside Game Achievements Guide

INSIDE is a adventure-puzzle platformer video game from the creators of LIMBO. The game is about a young boy, alone and hunted, who fight against dark forces to save the world. The game is released on Xbox One on 29th June and it will be available on PC on 7th July, 2016.

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In Inside Game Achievements Guide, we will list every achievement that you can get for this PC and Xbox One action & adventure puzzle-platformer video game and we will also tell you unlock them all. The game has total of 15 Achievements with no secret or hidden achievements and you can also earn 1,000 GamerScore points.

Inside Game Achievements:

1 -Murky Waters (70G Points): Something’s not right down here

2 – Field Research (70G Points): Unearthing secrets

3 – Wee Wee Wee (70G Points): They never made it to market

4 – Left Behind (70G Points): Safe falling and hard landings

5 – Obscure Foundations (70G Points): Lies beneath the city

6 – Friends in Low Places (70G Points): Dislodging derelict in the depths

7 – A Tableau (70G Points): Skipping stones at the beach

8 – Pack Mentality (70G Points): Pull together

9 – Respite (70G Points): Dive back in

10 – Unfathomable (70G Points): Take a deep breath

11 – Clockwork (70G Points): Shadows at noon

12 – Room for Reflection (70G Points): Hanging up

13 – Office Space (70G Points): Do an elevator pitch

14 – The Last One (90G Points): It comes together