Every Playboy Magazine Location in Mafia 3

Every Playboy Magazine Location in Mafia 3

Every Playboy Magazine Location in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 features a pretty huge world map and in this map there are plenty of stuff to do for players. There are missions, side missions, different rackets and business to own. There are also various collectibles to collect. And in one of those collectibles items is the Playboy Magazines from that time period.

You can find these collectible Playboy magazine while exploring the city map. There are total of 50 Playboy magazine issues in New, which is basically a re-creation of New Orleans. In Every Playboy Magazine Location in Mafia 3 guide we will show you exact location of all the Playboy Magazine issues in Mafia 3.

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Every Playboy Magazine Location in Mafia 3:

If you want to find these Playboy Magazines by yourself, you may have to explore every corner of the city. This is an awesome experience but at the same time a pretty time consuming too. Another important thing to note that these Playboy Magazine Issues will not award you any trophy or achievement. So, you will not be awarded with anything other than the Playboy Magazine itself.

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Some of the locations are pretty straight forward and easy to find but there are couple of places that are pretty hard to find such as there is one place that can be accessed through a tunnel in the middle of Downtown area. And you have to get to the further in the north direction in the tunnel to access the Playboy Magazine.

Below is the map of every Playboy Magazine Issue that you can find in the Mafia 3.

 Playboy Magazine Location in Mafia 3

One thing to note that all these above Playboy Magazine Issues are real from the 1960s era. And these magazines will show you all the pages in them which is kinda awesome.