How to Earn Money Fast in Mafia 3

How to Earn Money Fast in Mafia 3

How to Earn Money Fast in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is an upcoming open world and action-adventure game for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. It’s a third game in the Mafia game series and is featuring a vast map which is a re-imagining of the New Orleans. In the game you will be taking revenge from Italian Mob for killing your friends and doing wrong to you. You will build your own crime organization to fight the Italian Mob.

As a crime lord you will be needing a large amount of money because money is everything in this game. You need money to buy weapons, ammo, car upgrades, mansions, bribes and for other similar things. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can use to earn money very fast in Mafia 3. If you know these ways, you’re good to go but if you don’t, then don’t worry we are here to help.

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How to Earn Money Fast in Mafia 3:

In How to Earn Money Fast in Mafia 3 guide we will list all the possible ways to earn money quickly in Mafia 3. Following are the tips to earn cash fast in the game. Some tips are pretty easy to figure out but others are hard;

1 – Play the Story Missions: As I mentioned above the story is about building a crime organization. So, the game will award you money to achieve this goal. The missions will only provide you small amount of cash rewards so that you have to struggle and grind for more to keep the fun and difficulty alive in the game.

2 – City Districts: To earn extra revenue, you can take control of the city districts by eliminating enemy gangs that are holding specific districts. These districts will generate a steady stream of revenue as long as you hold control over them.

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3 – Rackets: If a business (shop) is protecting by a rival gang, it is paying protection money to that gang. You can convert these businesses and show them your way. You will be weakening enemies while making money out of it.

4 – Robing Stores: It may not sound that profitable to just empty cash registers for low amount of cash but you’ve to start somewhere.

5 – Selling Cars: It is not confirmed yet, but previous games had junkyard / chop shop where you can sell the hot cars and make money. We hope and expect to have this feature in Mafia 3 too.

6 – Fight Clubs: You can join Fight Clubs to earn some extra cash.

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7 – Street Racing: You can earn a lot of cash through street racing. This feature will be added as a Free DLC after the launch of Mafia 3.

8 – Collect Revenue: Owing and taking control of a business is one thing and collecting revenue from it is another. Always collect revenue from all your businesses.

After collecting the revenue, make sure to deposit this money into banks or stash it away. Because if you die holding money, all the cash will be lost and you’ll have to earn it back from the start. You can have a perk that will allow you to have a courier to deposit the money for you.

This guide is work-in-progress and we will update it with more tips after the launch of the game.