Collecting Money From Rackets in Mafia 3

Collecting Money From Rackets in Mafia 3

Collecting Money From Rackets in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is a crime action-adventure game, a third installment in the mafia game series. The crime aspect of the game is where you build a crime organization and control and run different businesses in the city. The city in the game is a recreation of New Orleans with the name New Bordeaux in Mafia 3.

Basically you will own different business such as rackets and then these places will generate a steady stream of income for you. But in order to collect this income you should have information about the collection of this revenue. The game will tell you that you have some outstanding revenue to collect but it will not tell you where to collect from. But don’t worry we are here to help. In Collecting Money From Rackets in Mafia 3 guide we will show you how you can collect revenue from your businesses in Mafia 3.

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Collecting Money From Rackets in Mafia 3:

The solution for this problem is very simple but it can be overlooked. On the world map every underboss base has its own icon. As they generate income for you, a number will appear below that icon notifying you that you can collect that revenue from a specific underboss. This icon will read Kickback Amount.

Collecting Money From Rackets in Mafia 3 - Burke's Base

To collect this revenue just visit the base and then look for an envelope that has a $ sign on it just like the below picture. For instance, in Burke’s base, you will find the envelope on the counter.

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Remember one thing that, each underboss has a limit on how much he can accumulate. And once they hit that cap, they will stop generating revenue and you will have to collect it before they can start again. This cap limit will increase as you progress through the story in the game.

Collecting Money From Rackets in Mafia 3 - Kickback

Another important thing to know is that when the revenue cap is reached by any underboss, you will not be able to perform any missions for that specific underboss. And you will have to collect your earnings before doing more missions for that underboss.

Always deposit your money before thinking about any dangerous stuff. Because when you die you will lose your hard earned money. You can call for courier to deposit your money or you can stash it away in a safe.