XCOM 2 Ranger Class Guide

XCOM 2 Ranger Class Guide

XCOM 2 Ranger Class Guide

In this XCOM 2 Ranger Class Guide you will learn how you can use this class more effectively and what are Ranger’s beast and effective skills and abilities that can help you win a battle. Ranger Class in XCOM 2 is more like an Assault Class that you may have seen in first XCOM. XCOM 2 Ranger Class is mainly a close combat soldiers with main weapon as Shotguns and Swords for melee attacks. You have also access to assault rifles for your Ranger Class but as a close combat soldiers the best choice is shotguns.

The main ability of Rangers is that they can use sword attacks which are extremely powerful and has accuracy level above 95% most of times. You can use this ability from a distance as running to target and slash the enemy with powerful melee attack. But don’t get you hopes to high because even if Rangers has high accuracy for attack hits, thy still  got a chance to miss and giving their opponent a chance to counterattack. And if you use this class with less care such as attacking an opponent which has other enemy soldiers nearby, you may lose a valuable asset of your team.

The Ranger Class is full of diverse skills and abilities some of these are Phantom, Blademaster, Shadowstrike, Shadowstep, Conceal, Run and Gun, Deep Cover, Rapid Fire, Untouchable, etc. But not all these skills and abilities are effective and useful, some are good and others are not. Below are the most effective and interesting abilities of XCOM 2 Ranger Class;

Phantom: Rangers with Phantom ability will remain concealed even if your whole squad is revealed. You can use this ability to scout or you can approach an enemy from behind to land a powerful attack with high damage. You can also use this ability on missions where concealment is not available such as Retaliation Missions.

Shadowstrike: This ability will give you amazing aim boost and higher percentage of critical hit on your first attack. Shadowstrike is made for ambushes, 25% Critical Strike is as sweet as one dead enemy. You can use this ability with another great ability “Conceal” which will give you another chance to enter concealment.

Run and Gun: This ability will let you use an item, attack or do something else after dashing to desired location. This ability is awesome when you want to strike your opponent from close but without using sword.

Bladestorm: When an enemy comes in your Ranger’s melee attack range this ability allow your Ranger to land an attack to that specific enemy. This ability is perfect to eliminate enemies with low health form the battle ground. But use this ability wisely as this one has a drawback against “Mutons”. When you land a melee attack on Mutons they will enter in rage mode and then will land a very powerful melee attack.

Deep Cover/Untouchable: The option is up to you that which choice you make and it depends on your playstyle. If you want to move cover to cover looking for best location to shoot you should select Deep Cover. And if you can manage some risk and planning to send your Ranger for close melee attack, Untouchable is the best option.

Rapid Fire: This ability is really effective against almost all enemies and particularly against Codex. When you land an attack from point-blank range these Codex opponent cannot clone it self. You can increase the aim by going through different upgrades of Shotgun, this ability is extremely effective in killing opponents in just a single strike.

You can also watch the below video for detailed XCOM 2 Ranger Class Guide, we thank ChristopherOdd, for making this XCOM 2 Ranger Class Gameplay Preview Video: