Street Fighter 5 Unlock All Characters

Street Fighter 5 Unlock All Characters

Street Fighter 5 Unlock All Characters

Street Fighter 5 is here with all its glory and intense action fighting battles. In this time Street Fighter Franchise really made this Street Fighter  installment stunning and beautiful with all new and classic characters, new abilities combos and revamped fighting gameplay, I have to say that this game is really awesome and if you are truly a Street Fighter fan, you should definitely have this game. Before revealing how to unlock all characters for Street Fighter 5, here’s a little intro for the game so that new players who don’t know anything at all about street fighter can know what is stored for them in this awesome game.

This time in Street Fighter 5 you can play this game online and challenge your friends and online buddies for an awesome battle challenge or you can have fame on Capcom Pro Tour. There are many returning characters in this title such as Chun-Li, M. Bison, Charlie Nash, Ryu and many other new characters with diverse combos, fighting style and skill moves that really offers players a wide variety or characters to choose from.

An I mentioned earlier with new fighting mechanism this game is really built from ultimate fighting experience with all new V-Gauge and EX Gauge, Street Fighter 5 provide new depths to strategy and tactical play. Street Fighter 5 is fully packed with new abilities and skill moves that uses V-Gauge or EX Gauge meters such as V-Trigger is used for Unique Abilities and uses V-Guage, V-Skill is used for Unique Skills and V-Reversal for counterattacks. Players can also use Critical Arts; An Ultimate Attack that uses EX-Gauge to really change the pace of ongoing match.

In Street Fighter 5 Unlock All Characters guide now we will reveal that how you can unlock all characters in this game;

GEN: To unlock this character you have to beat the Arcade mode with Chun-Li.

SAKRA: This Character can be unlocked by beating the Arcade mode with Ryu.

ROSE: Unlock Rose by Completing Arcade mode with M.Bison

FEI LONG: Just Complete the Arcade Mode with Abel

CAMMY: Beat the Arcade mode with C. Viper

DAN: To unlock this character you have to complete the Arcade mode with Sakura (Sakura can be unlocked as mentioned above)

AUMA: When you unlock all the above characters, just complete the Arcade Mode again with any character that you have used to already beaten the Arcade Mode. You Should Not use Continue before Seth and you should have at least one Perfect Round. When you beat the Seth, Akuma will appear just beat him unlock this character.

GOUKEN: This character is little tricky to unlock, First complete the arcade mode with Akuma (Unlock this character as mentioned above). Now Start the Arcade Mode again with some other character that you have already used to complete the Arcade Mode now this time you need one Perfect Round, No Continues, 3 Ultra/Super Combo Finishes and You need First Hot in 5 Rounds. After all this Gouken should appear just beat him to unlock this character.

SETH: Just Complete the Arcade Mode with All Characters.