XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide

XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide

XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide

XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide will help you understand bit more about the Specialist Class in XCOM 2 for effective and powerful use in the battle ground. These Specialist Class soldiers has many skills & abilities and  will support your team in many ways such as healing your whole squad in just one move or creating a massive havoc in your opponent ranks. Specialists has GREMLIN drone and Assault Rifle as their main weapon. You will start this specialist class with “Aid Protocol” ability, this ability will increase the defensive abilities of your specified squad member.

GREMLIN drone of Specialist Class will be used to perform most of the abilities such as healing squad or scanning the map for enemies. You can also hack enemies from distance and increase offensive abilities of your squad member with this class. You can apply upgrades to your drone to increase your chance to get pass the enemy’e security easily and increase your chance of hacking. A Specialist Class soldier is a must for any squad, they effective and powerful at the same time.

Apart from the Aid Protocol ability that you will get at the start of this class, these are the names of some of the abilities that you will find in Specialist Class soldiers, Medical Protocol, Combat Protocol, Field Medic, Scanning Protocol, Covering Fire, Threat Assessment, Ever Vigilant, Guardian, etc. Not all these abilities are effective during your battles but some are really important and powerful to have. Some of the most effective and powerful abilities of Specialist Class are as follows:

Medical Protocol: This ability will let you heal your squad member from a distance so that you will not get in the range of melee attacks of your opponents.

Scanning Protocol: For this ability to work you need Battle Scanner, a utility item that has the same purpose but on smaller scale. If you really don’t want the ability to scan the the map you can take “Field Medic’ that way you can have extra med kits.

Haywire Protocol: You should not have a specialist in you team if you do not want to use this ability, it will help you hack into any mechanical enemy. You can easily turn off opponent for like 2 rounds with this ability. However, if you problems with Stun Lancers and your squad losing consciousness you should take “Revival Protocol” instead.

Threat Assessment: A very effective yest powerful ability, if you use this ability on your Ranger, your Ranger will be able land more deadly attacks on opponents with sword and this ability also allow Ranger to perform “Overwatch Attacks”.

Guardian: With this ability you will get 50% extra chance to perform additional attack on your enemy. This ability can be triggered various times which has one drawback that it may leave your soldier with empty clip/magazine.

Restoration: Last but not the least, Restoration can heal or revive your whole squad from distance. You should have this ability in as it will definitely support your whole squad. However, if you are not looking for extra healing, you may consider going for “Capacitor Discharge” which is also a very useful and effective ability against mechanical enemies.

I hope this XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide will infidelity help better understand Specialist Class but if you still have some problems on how to use this class effectively or which ability you should keep you can watch the below XCOM 2 Specialist Class gameplay video guide made by ChristopherOdd, I hope you will enjoy!