The Technomancer Starting Tips

The Technomancer Starting Tips

The Technomancer Starting Tips

The Technomancer is a cyberpunk style third person sci-fi and action role playing video game. In the game you have 4 skill trees which are dedicated to three different and unique combat styles. In the game the setting is Red Planet, Mars, with great dangers and mutant creatures.

In The Technomancer Starting Tips guide you will learn about the basic info on how to start your game which will allow you to enjoy this game and avoid you from making any wrong and unnecessary decisions that you may regret later in your game. Using these tips you’ll be able to plan the sequence for how to complete different quests and how to develop your character.

The Technomancer Starting Tips:

There is a character development option in the game because The Technomancer  is a RPG game. There are 3 unique classes of character along with special abilities which are centered around lightning. These special abilities are assigned to particular types of classes, that is why you should make your mind that which one of these abilities is the most suited for you.

You can complete different quests in multiple ways, in any order and sometime these quests can be shortened. This shortening of quests can be easily be done by avoiding an earlier investigation that would lead to the destination. Sometimes you’ll be able to do this accidentally by exploring the city and fighting different enemies who have some story related items in the inventory: just make sure that you do not diminish the fun by doing this. However, The Technomancer is quite a complicated game; many quests in the game are closely associated with other quests.

Read all the dialogues in your quests carefully. Sometimes, the game will not specify a place where you must head to in order to complete the quest. Sometimes you’ll not even get any info about what actions to perform afterwards in description of steps in a journal.

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If you’re a fan of collecting different stuff, you can invest your time in Opening different locks from the very start. When you start the game, in the first town, you’ve some locks which require the highest level (3) of the ability. Additionally, crafting materials can be found in different containers even in trash cans, but you will get most of the items from defeated opponents.

If you really want to quickly level up your character then you can fight with bunch of enemies aside from completing side quests and main story quests. You can find bunch of enemies to kill in The Slums. Some of these enemies will re-spawn in different places of the game after a specific time. If you are ready to take on more powerful enemies and monsters then head to The Underworks.

When your character dies in the game, your game will end and you’ll have to re-load a saved game. But the case is pretty different for companions. They will not die and you can easily recruit one of them for instance ‘Scott Seeker’ in The Slums at the start of your game. If you can walk with an NPC then always travel with a companion. Players can have 2 companions at a time.

There is a day and night system in The Technomancer, which is also related to different elements of the game like quests. With time the main character will become tired and you’ll lose the combat experience bonus. To avoid this, you can rest in hideouts that are located in every district. A rested character can gain bonuses to gain more experience that is why you should find a bed to rest.

During the early stages of your game, various talents will be situational. You can increase these talents by using particular clothes, such as ‘Doctor’s Coat’ that increases level of Science by 1 point.

If you have other great starting tips for The Technomancer, please feel free to tell us in the comments below.