The Culling Beginner’s Guide

The Culling Beginner's Guide

The Culling Beginner’s Guide

The Culling is an indie-action, multiplayer and survival video game with battle style elements where for 20 minustes, 16 contestants on an island scavenge items, build traps, craft weapons and items, then they hunt and kill each other. Only the last survivor will be the winner, there are only two game modes in the Early Access version of the game, Free-for-All and Team Death Match.

The Culling – Free-for-All:

Free-for-All game mode is self-explanatory and you may have seen this mode in other first person shooter games such as Call of Duty. In this mode every other player in the game is your opponent and you will have to fight to death to win.

The Culling – Team Death Match:

Unlike Free-for-All here you will be part of a team, your team will try to kill as many players of the opponent team as they can and at the end team with more members alive will win the game. Things will be easier in this game mode, and rewards will be low as well.

The Culling – Rewards:

After winning or dying in the game, you will enter in the loot roll where you can win different cosmetic items, one item each time. There are total 30 items here and this number will increase with time as the developers will add more items. Some rewards that you may win are as follows; Hats, Masks, Hairstyles, T-shirts, Hoodies, pants, goggles and other accessories. All these loot items are divided into different tiers such as common, rare, very rare and ultra rare tiers. The loot roll depends on your kills, survival time and your place in complete match.

The Culling – Combat:

In the Early Access there are 4 different melee hits in the game Weak hit, charged hit, pushing and blocking. The best way to survive and win in this game is to read your opponent like what weapon they have and how they are moving. If a player is blocking then attack him charged attacks and if he is pushing then attack him with weak hits.

The Culling Beginner's Guide

If your opponent is pushing you, you can block it or can hot him which means you also may be struck but at least you can also hit your opponent. But if you block it will allow you to attack two hits before your opponent recovers.

Charged attacks are the easiest way to win a fight, you can easily win a losing fight if you can land a charged attack. These charged attacks are really powerful and if you land one onto your opponent they will definitely lose huge part of their health.

The Culling – Statuses:

There are different statuses that you will see in the combat and these depend on the weapon you are using for attack. Some of the statuses that you may see are as follows:

Bleed Damage

  • Wound Intensity 3 = Damage 18 for +12 Seconds
  • Wound Intensity 2 = Damage 12 for 12 Seconds
  • Wound Intensity 1 = Damage 6 for 12 Seconds


  • Wound Intensity 3 = 30% Damage Reduction
  • Wound Intensity 2 = 20% Damage Reduction
  • Wound Intensity 1 = 10% Damage Reduction


  • When using a bow as weapon, your Headshot attacks will add an extra 10 damage points.

The Culling – Starting Tips:

When you start a game, first thing you should do is to craft a spear or knife asap. Every contestant starts empty handed and you want to have advantage over others early in the game. After that find any building and start looting then sell your stuff to nearest vendor and receive in game currency FUNC points to have access to better gears.

The Culling Beginner's Guide

If you see someone using a blowgun or a bow never rush straight towards that player as they have more powerful weapon and you can surfer more damage. Instead, approach that player with zig-zag movements and try to defeat that player with attacks from sides.

The Culling is an awesome game similar to Hollywood Movie “The Hunger Games”, the game is easy to learn but very difficult to master. You can easily get use to the game with player number of rounds consecutively and learn new strategies and tactics.