10 Tips The Division Doesn’t Tell You

10 Tips The Division Doesn’t Tell You

10 Tips The Division Doesn’t Tell You

After worldwide launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division, it has achieved universal critical acclaim from plenty of reviewers. The Division set the record for highest sales in first week with generating more than $330 Million in 5 days period. It’s the highest grossing game for the company and in the industry as well.

Most of the gamers who tried this game are pretty happy with the overall experience and why not? I mean The Division is pretty massive project and has plethora of possibilities and opportunities to do different things. And the chance of your getting bored is pretty slim.

Well with all that in mind, It’s time to shine light of different features that you may not discovered yet. Tom Clancy’s The Division has so many levels to its gameplay that many things are not highlighted as they could be. Well fear not, I’m here to help you with some of the secret tips and tricks that you can use during your gameplay and these tips and tricks might improve your Agent’s effectiveness.

Here are these 10 crucial tricks and tips that Tom Clancy’s The Division doesn’t tell you explicitly;

10. Ladder Leap of Faith

10 Tips The Division Doesn’t Tell You - Ladder Leap of Faith

Compare to Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed, the leap of faith her in the division may not be quite visually impressive or death- defying. But they are sure very useful, if you find yourself in need of quick escape route when under heavy fire or pressure from horde of enemies.

 Most of the time in the game when you are sitting in cover at a high point and need a quick escape, you will find yourself relying on ladders to move down. In normal play its fine, but if you are under heavy fire from enemies you can easily make yourself an easy target by getting stuck on these ladders.

But where drop prompts appear on a scale-able ledges, The Division does not tell you that you can easily drop from from a ladder with the same button. This thing is pretty useful when you are in the Dark Zone, where you will find yourself as a duck mostly sitting in covers, and trying to just escape from a high point. You may take some damage while performing ladder drop but it will definitely hurt less than a headshot.