Dark Souls III Gameplay Looks Fantastic

Dark Souls III Gameplay Looks Fantastic

Dark Souls III Gameplay Looks Fantastic

By now you may have seen plenty of gameplay videos of Dark Souls III on different consoles. Dark Souls III is already available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Japan, and you can also play the game in English on Microsoft’s Console but the game still pending day one patch which is kind of important.

The PC version of the is quite far from release, it will be released on 12th April, so PC users may be wondering how the game runs and looks especially with all those shabby ports in past year or so. Luckily, Dark Souls III Gameplay Looks Fantastic and brutal on PC but keep one thing in mind that you should have quite affordable gaming specs. The game is tested on Core i7 4790 and 32 GB RAM with Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 and it plays like a Beautiful dream.

The game looks absolutely stunning with all graphics set at maxed with 1080p resolution, it easily held steady 60 FPS 99% of the time with no issues. Dark Souls III is fun brutal and stunning just as you expect but we will talk about it in our review.

I am sure you prefer to watch the gameplay video instead of reading this description. You can watch the first 20 minutes of gameplay in first video and then the character creation in the second video. But be warned the gameplay video include mild spoilers.

If you want to just go blind then you can stop watching the 1st video. First video includes first boss and some amazing NPCs. You can safely watch second video, that only shows the character creation on the PC. Just ignore how bad I’m at it, I’m still in process of learning the rhythm!

Dark Souls III – Character Creation Gameplay

Both videos are from DualShockers, I hope you will enjoy these amazing gameplay videos!