How to Level Up Fast in The Division

How to Level Up Fast in The Division

How to Level Up Fast in The Division

In Tom Clancy’s The Division collecting experience points is really necessary to level up your character. Because with higher level you can have more powerful weapons, items and gears and your stats will be higher too. Another aspect of having powerful items is that you can easily kill tough enemies especially in the Dark Zone where you will have to fight other Players and NPCs with higher stats.

There are two ways to get experience points and use these points to quickly level up your character, which are as follows;

Completing Missions:

The main source for your to quickly get experience points are story missions, whenever you complete a mission a specific amount of experience points will be added to your account. Experience points associated with each story mission are not based on the difficulty level of that mission, but you will get other benefits by completing a mission on higher difficulty. In higher difficulty the enemies will be tough and you will be awarded more experience points than usual when you kill a tough enemy.

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Aside from story missions, you also have access to side missions, side missions are pretty easy to complete and they will award you different supplies which you can use to upgrade your base and then you can have more powerful perks, abilities and skills.

Killing Enemies:

Second thing from where you can get experience points and level up fast in the division is by killing enemies. The more tough and deadly the enemies is the more experience points he will reward you. As mentioned above when you increase the difficulty level of a mission it makes these enemies more deadly and in return they will provide more XP and more valuable loot. Another thing to note here is that killing enemy with head shots also reward more XP.

Some other important things about experience points:

You won’t lose experience points with your death, and different perks and items of your equipment will award you extra experience point percentages. Story Missions will level up with your character which means when you complete a mission it will reward you with experience points and more leveled up character you can then again play that same mission with higher difficulty and when you kill tougher enemies it will award you more points. You can repeat this process to quickly level up your character.