DOOM 2016 Achievements Guide

DOOM 2016 Achievements Guide

DOOM 2016 Achievements Guide

DOOM 2016 has been released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it’s an action horror first person shooter video game from the id Software, we know id Software for Doom, Quake, Rage and Wolfenstein Games.

In DOOM 2016 Achievements Guide we will list every achievement and trophy for the PC and Xbox One and also tell you how to unlock these achievements. There are total 33 Achievements including 5 secret achievements and 1,000 Gamescore points that you can earn in this first person shooter action-horror game for PC and Xbox version.

Following are the achievements that you can unlock in the Doom 2016;

DOOM 2016 Achievements Guide: (Normal)

E1M1 (25G): Just complete campaign’s first mission.

Knee-Deep in the Dead (100G):Finish your campaign on these difficulty levels; ‘Nightmare’, ‘Ultra-Violence’, ‘Hurt Me Plenty’ and/or ‘I’m too Young to Die’.

A Toe into Madness (10G): Complete the first mission called ‘The UAC’ on Ultra-Nightmare difficulty.

Tip: Ultra-Nightmare difficulty is one of the hardest difficulty level in Doom 2016. Ultra-Nightmare difficulty level slightly differs from the Nightmare difficulty level. If you die in Ultra-Nightmare difficulty level, you’ll go back to the start of the game which makes this difficulty level insanely hard. Well the best way to get the achievement is that you  just need to complete the first mission of Doom 2016 only.

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Watch the below video to complete the first mission ‘The UAC’ on the Ultra-Nightmare. In the video you will get tips on which routes to take and when to bait your enemies. The enemies are pretty difficult to take down in this difficulty so you will be doing lot of baiting. Be careful as only 1-2 hits can easily kill you in this difficulty.

Up Close and Personal (25G): Take down 50 enemies using Chainsaw weapon.

Specialist (20G): Earn Mastery for the weapon mod.

IDKFA (50G): Earn Mastery for all the weapon mods.

Hot Swapper (30G): Acquire all the weapon mods.

Historian (25G): Find every Data Log.

Timing is Everything (15G): Use barrels to eliminate 100 enemies.

Every Nook and Cranny (30G): Find every Collectible item.

Argent Overload (15G): Fully upgrade Armor, Health, or Ammo capacity.

Argent Fiend (30G): Fully upgrade Armor, Health and Ammo capacity on the single campaign.

A Gift from Beyond (15G): Earn the Rune.

The Circle is Complete (30G): Earn every Rune.

Tinkering (15G): Fully upgrade Praetor Suit category.

Overclocked (50G): Fully upgrade every Praetor Suit category on single campaign.

Thorough Shopper (20G): Complete all the Challenges for the single mission.

Butcher (50G): Kill 200 enemies with Glory Kill.

Rip and Tear (20G): Kill all common enemy types in a campaign with Glory Kill.

Juicin’ it Up (50G):  Take down 150 enemies while you’re using Power Ups.

Momentum Shift (25G): Upgrade the Rune.

IDDQD (100G): Upgrade every Rune.

What Else Ya Got? (35G): Complete every Mission Challenge on single campaign.

IPXSETUP.EXE (15G): Win Multiplayer Match.

Combat tested, Doomguy approved (30G): Reach Level 5 in the Multiplayer Mode.

Shareware (10G): Create & publish a SnapMap.

No Rest for the Living (20G): Play 5 SnapMaps.

Entryway (20G): Complete a SnapMap Basic & Advanced Tutorials.

DOOM 2016 Achievements Guide: (Secret)

Shoot it Until it Dies (25G): Defeat Cyberdemon Boss.

Tip: Cyberdemon is the first boss in Doom 2016, your fight with Cyberdemon has two different phases. The first phase has few attacks but second phase is more difficult and harder. The best way to defeat Cyberdemon is that keep moving, sometimes he will trap you in a corridor and you have to crouch/jump to avoid his attacks. Shotgun is relatively the best weapon against Cyberdemon. Watch the below video on how to beat the Cyberdemon boss:

Outnumbered? No Problem (25G): Defeat Hell Guards Boss.

Tip: Hell Guards are the 2nd boss in the game, this boss fight also has two phases. In the first phase you’ll fight one of the Hell Guards, most of the time he’ll use melee attacks. Keep moving and only attack after he attack you because he uses shield which means your attacks will deal no damage to him.

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In the 2nd phase of the fight you’ll be fighting both Hell Guards and it’ll be tough this time. Use the same strategy as above; keep moving and remember one thing that in this phase there’s no shield on them. Just be careful as they like to spin around and use various melee attacks. Watch the below video on how to beat Hell Guards boss:

Who’s Next? (25G): Defeat Spider Mastermind Boss.

Tip: The Spider Mastermind boss fight is one of the hardest boss in the game and why not? she is the final boss in Doom 2016. She uses laser beam attacks which are pretty difficult to avoid but similar to Cyberdemon, you can jump and crouch to evade this laser attack. The weakest point is her Brain and shotguns deals pretty good damage, but remember that when you shot her brain, she will swing her arms at you and that deals great damage to your player.

Whenever she throw bombs at you then stop attacking and just focus on evading the bombs. She’ll poison the floor and you can use pillars to avoid this. While she is poisoning the floor, you can hit her with plenty of shots. After that she’ll fire a laser beam at you, be careful and avoid this beam because if it hits you, that’s a one way ticket to hell!

Watch the below video on how to kill Spider Mastermind Boss:

Into the Unknown (15G): Warp to Hell.

An Old Friend (30G): Acquire a BFG.