Doom 2016 Cheats and Console Commands

Doom 2016 Cheats and Console Commands

Doom 2016 Cheats and Console Commands

Doom 2016 is a first person shooter action and horror game developed by id Software. In the game you play the role of a Space Marine with one job; kill all the monsters and demons of hell and save the universe. id Software did not packed the game too much dramatic cut scenes, instead they made this game simple, brutal and amazingly fun to play.

Although the game is pretty fun to play as it is but you can too kick it up a notch with cheat codes and console commands. In Doom 2016 Cheats and Console Commands we will provide you various cheats and console commands that you can use in your gameplay to make things more interesting and intense. You can use these commands for different things such as unlocking the GodMode, infinite ammo or making all enemies immune to your firearms. All these Doom 2016 Cheats and Console Commands are for PC gamers only.

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One thing you should remember while activating the cheats that some codes may work in unexpected ways such as GodMode when activated in Night Mode difficulty may cause your player to slowly lose health overtime which makes him more susceptible to enemy attacks.

All these commands and codes cannot be used in Multiplayer game mode, these codes are only available in campaign or single player mode. To activate the cheats just press ‘Ctrl+Alt+~’ on your keyboard. Input the desired cheat code/console command and then press ‘Enter’ to activate. You should also remember that as the codes may change the way Doom is played, you should first complete the game without using any codes and then activate cheat codes in your second playthrough.

Doom 2016 Cheats and Console Commands:

idkfa: Gives the player upgraded Ammo Capacity, Armor, Health and all Suit Mods, all available Suit Mod slots, unlockable Weapons, Fully Upgraded Weapon Mods.

iddqd: Toggles God-mode but still damageable by different hazards. Drains Health slowly over times on the Nightmare Difficulty.

idfa: Provide fully upgraded armor, health and ammo capacity.

idka: Provide all weapons and fully upgraded weapon mods.

ida: Provide all Suit Mods and Suit Mod slots.

iddt: Reveal all items, Secrets, and unexplored areas of map.

idgk: Toggle Glory Kills only. Player have to kill monsters with Glory Kill animations because this code make enemies immune to normal weapons and firearms.

These Doom 2016 Cheats and Console Commands may trigger Cheat Flag on the save file that may/may not disable the online play. That’s how the alpha build of Doom 2016 worked and it may affect you the same way in this final release.